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Bat Totem Animal Spirit Guide

Psychic Abilities - Positive Change - Wisdom

Utilizing the Ancient Celtic teachings of my Ancestors, I have summoned the Power of the Bat into this bewitching Amulet, as well as Spellcast it with a plethora of Powerful Spells to enhance your Life! The Bat has so much to offer you! They bring the ability to “see” with other sensory perceptions (rather than your eyes)! A Soul level of Intuition is awakened and strengthened! You will be able to feel other’s energy without even being in the same room! You will be able to discern the energy of others around you and see the hidden messages in your environment. You will gain enhanced Extra-sensory Perception, Clarity & Awareness. The Bat enjoys helping you grow & expand on your own inherent Psychic abilities; Clairvoyance (seeing Spirits), Clairaudience (hearing Spirits), Clairsentience (feeling Spirits), not only seeing Auras, but Energy Fields (many times finding the source of other’s pain or disease), Astral travel and much more can be influenced! Bats that are out of balance, crash and fly into things ~ take a moment to view your life right now ~ if you feel like you are crashing into barriers, Bat is telling you to stop and discern what is most important to you and alter your routine so you can receive positive new blessings in your life. Bat gives you the wisdom to let go of old, negative patterns so you can move forward in a positive manner.

Your Bat also brings immense Protection against hexes, black Magick and anyone or anything trying to thwart your progress! This Charm was blessed and Full Moon Spellcast with the Following Spells: Success, Good Luck, Psychic Enhancement, Sweet Life, Physical Well Being, Loyal Friends, Inner Peace & Neutralize Enemies. Your purchase is for 1 Bat charm composed of base metal, measuring about ½” in length.  Free silver plated Recharging Chain included.  Perfect for a Man or Woman, wear, carry with you or simply keep or hang in special place.


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