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Welcome to my world of

Extraordinary Magick!

  Greetings!! I am an Eclectic Solitary Witch here in the Magickal North Woods of Wisconsin! I am extremely honored to provide you with a unique offering of Powerful Talismans and Spells! These items have changed and are currently blessing the lives of thousands of people from all over the World! My expertise originates from my Ancestor's influences; including Celtic Pagan Witchcrafts, Russian Mystics, German Sorcery and Italian Stregheria. I also provide several different types of Talismans and Relics from my exclusive trusted associates: Egyptian Conjurer Maantefin, Scottish Illuminati Master-Lord Sinclair, Voodoo High Priest P.Jean, Gypsy Luminita's Estate Treasures and several others "behind the scenes" that wish to remain anonymous. I am an experienced practitioner of the Mystical Arts for over three decades; my associates for more than 60 years. My practice and studies span a wide range of Metaphysical areas; Paranormal investigations & afterlife Communication, Angel pathworking, Psychic studies, Aura & Chakra work, Attunements, Lightworker & Indigo Studies, Spiritual, Energy & DNA Healing, Reiki studies, Crystalism, Gemstone & Crystal Energies, Herbalism, Animal Magick, Laws of Attraction, Quantum Magick and Spiritual Meditation.

It is no coincidence you are here.  Our Souls have been interwoven together through many lifetimes and you have come here today because you are reawakening to your Spiritual gifts and potential! 


We have something for everyone; whether you are a novice, advanced in your pursuits, or somewhere in between. Our purpose is to provide these items to bring you assistance, blessings and enlightenment on your path. We believe that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." The items that will work best for you are those you are most drawn to, even if you do not understand why. Many times items you've overlooked or didn't take much thought about before can take on much greater meaning the next time you read the listing. This is because you are becoming more aware and awakened and that item is what you need at that point in time. Everything unfolds in accordance with Divine timing.

You do not have to be Wiccan or have any previous Occult knowledge to welcome any of my items. Each piece will intrinsically resonate and align with your personal Energy, benefiting you when and where you need it most. I love offering never before seen & unusual items from all different Spiritual paths, Legends & Religious teachings! This consists of Haunted & Spiritual jewelry, pendants, dolls, rings, relics, candles, oils, pendulums, wands, and ritual tools.

I love crystals and gemstones and have spent a lifetime learning their unique abilities, and resonating with the special energetic vibrations they provide. I align with these supernatural energies in purposefully choosing the best spirit or spell that will create a most powerful talisman. The entities are free to choose their own vessel, and Spellcast items are thoughtfully chosen based on these otherworldly influences! And yes, I have many clients that can connect with Spirit friends before I even link them to a vessel! Contact me if someone is contacting you! ;)  

My jewelry, candles, oils and other creations are skillfully crafted under the appropriate Lunar phase, filled with Magickal intent in the spirit of the Olde Ways and in accordance with my Ancestral traditions. The tried and true Spells from their Books of Shadows/Grimoires is nothing short of phenomenal. What I offer is not to be taken lightly, but with commitment, honor and an open mind. All Magickal intent comes from the Universal Consciousness that is weaved throughout the stars and Cosmos. I strive to practice the Craft with integrity and to pass the energy of this integrity on to you, my friends and clients, through the offerings in my Shoppe.

Creator leads me to divine visions, guidance and knowledge in inventing and creating new and never-before-seen Magicks! My purpose in life is to make others happy & fulfilled through my offerings. Miracles are not expected, they simply become the norm! 

If you're seeking real results from authentic Magick, you've come to the right place.


I previously offered my Magickals on eBay since 2005, and offer my deepest thanks to all of my wonderful clients, many who have become very dear friends over the years! As of September in 2012, eBay changed their rules and no longer allowed the sale of any haunted/Spirited products or Psychic services. You can still look up my "old" account on eBay to read my thousands of happy feedback reviews there, under seller: starry1_night. Since then, my Shoppe has blossomed & grown into a premier Metaphysical & Spiritual business offering a large array of premium Magickals. Please view my Guestbook for feedback from my current clients.


I offer a wide range of incredible offerings! You will feel this power & energy through the listing, as well as the moment you hold it in your hands! These are Real, Life-Altering Spirits & Spells created to make an impact ~ a positive difference in your life you can see & feel! Every package comes anointed with positive blessings for you. You are not just purchasing a beautiful piece, but a complete experience! Every Magickal I offer exhibits a unique energy that has defined Starry1Night from the very beginning. Reap the rewards of my mystical secrets and let them bring you success, love, riches and happiness!


I have hired a team of helpful Customer Service assistants to help answer any questions you may have as I will be busy focusing on performing Spellwork and creating new Magickals for you!  If there is ever anything we can do for you, please let us know!

We look forward to hearing from you!


May you find peace, happiness & Magick in all that you do!

Namaste, love & light,

High Priestess Rivkah (Rebecca) & The Starry1Night Team



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We do not respond to antagonistic or threatening emails. All IP addresses are logged upon visitation to this site and will be reported for violations, should they occur. 

S​tarry 1 Night

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