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Curse of the Pharaoh’s Mummy  Dark Egyptian Magick Power Set

This set was imbued with Dark Egyptian Magick from hidden Occult Spell Codes within the Book of the Dead. This is powerful Forbidden Magick which is known exclusively within our Egyptian Illuminati Brotherhood of the Pharoah Sect. This Secret Society creates only the darkest, most powerful talismans to use within their association and they don’t typically offer items to the general public due to their immense power.  This set was cast by 13 members during cloak and dagger black magick ceremonies within the Great Pyramid of Giza, utilizing secret incantations, oils and herbs, as instructed from Centuries ago.


This Ring and Pharoah Sculpture were imbued with the powers of your own personal Pharoah’s Mummy Dark Guardian. Once in your hands, he will hunt down your enemies, causing them intense suffering. Even if you don’t exactly know who is cursing you, he will be able to determine who and what is going on and will put a stop to it. He can Spiritually connect with your energies and see who and where harm is coming from, following it back to the origin and obliterating it. He can bind your enemies with his Mummy wrappings, stopping them from harming you any further. He can also envelop their lives in sand, building it up around them, so they become immobile and helpless no matter what they try to do in life. They will never succeed. Like quicksand, the more they struggle, the harder it will become for them. If you feel like someone is cursing you or threatening you in any way, this is the Set you need to fight back. They won’t know what happened, but justice will prevail.


The Spells imbued into this Set also regenerates all the Pharaohs from the Underworld, giving them stronger Powers, and transferring these powers to the owner of this Ring & Sculpture.  This means that whomever owns this Set gains the raw power of a Living God/Pharaoh and can obtain all they desire, creating their own Dynasty in this Lifetime.  This includes:


*having the ability to hypnotize or mentally manipulate anyone of your choosing; getting others to see things your way; being on “top” of your game in business, family and romantic relationships


*increased telepathy, precognition, ESP, and psychic acuity; you’ll be able to sense & know what others are thinking/feeling and act appropriately to benefit you


*altering your physical appearance by becoming more beautiful or handsome, youthful and alluring, making others who come into contact with you extremely receptive to you


*being physically stronger, with greater agility, speed and knowledge retainment


*being able to attract and charm any lover of your choosing, with them being enamored with you 


*being able to undermine and destroy that which does not serve your highest good; enemies, jealous rivals, ex-lovers, etc.


*having all you want; wishes manifest, simply by thinking them. Wishes are immediately taken to the appropriate Egyptian God/Goddess for manifestation


*bringing opulent wealth, riches, abundance, prosperity, business success, job enrichment


*deep Ancient Egyptian healing and broken DNA repair so that you can be healthy and focused to fulfil your dreams; this also helps you connect better not only with others, but with any type of Entity


*stronger Divination skills


*your dazzling Aura will be that of Royalty, which puts you on the path to having everything flow your way so that everything good, positive and beneficial will be guided directly to you; you can live the lavish lifestyle with no limits



These powers will never fade and will only increase the longer you own them. 


This set includes a hand-carved sunstone gemstone Pharoah sculpture and Ancient Ring with a gorgeous Agate Stone set in alchemical metals, Size 9.25. It does not have to be worn to benefit. Look closely at the Pharoah carving and you’ll see he has his 3rd Eye Open, and in certain lighting it he appears to have eyes, but if you shine a light directly into his eyes, they appear as just white holes. It's kind of a spooky, yet astounding special effect of this piece. Sunstone brings further Metaphysical properties to enhance your life. It brings wealth, abundance, optimism, happiness, healing, destroys negative energies, and brings self-empowerment. This deeply powerful, life-enhancing Set will be one of your most prized possessions. Simply place anywhere in your home or office to experience its tremendous power.


If you feel drawn to this listing, do not hesitate in welcoming. This set has special blessings in store for you and is meant for you.


All information will be included in your shipment.


Curse of the Pharaoh’s Mummy Dark Egyptian Magick Power Set

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