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Layaway Plan Terms:

Please contact me prior to your purchase with the item(s) you'd like to put on layaway. A payment schedule will be arranged upon starting the layaway. Layaway plans are only for items $100.00 or more. By setting up a layaway plan, you agree to the terms below:

*Initial payment of 30% of item price is due immediately after layaway agreement. If initial down payment is not made within 12 hours, the layaway agreement automatically becomes null and void and the item will be relisted.

*Make sure you'll be able to pay for your item. If you begin to make payments and are unable to complete your payments as per the agreed payment schedule, you will not receive a refund or the item.

*Layaway plans are non-transferable, meaning, once an agreement is made for an item, you can not switch your payments to another item or cancel the agreement. Consider the layaway agreement a binding oral contract for that particular item.

* Layaway payments must be made weekly or bi-weekly. You cannot continually add items to your layaway if you have a previous layaway on another item that you're not making regular payments on. If you are able to make regular payments for more than 1 item, you can add it to your layaway. Continually missing payments will result in termination of your layaway.

*You are in charge of making your payments. I do not send reminders or recurring bills, but will send an alert if no payments are made within a month and request finalized payment.

*Your item must be paid for within, 1 month, 2 months if you need it. I understand sometimes unforeseen situations & emergencies arise, so if you honestly need additional time, contact me. Please do not take advantage of this system.

*I do not prepare layaway shipments in advance, so once your final payment is made, I will start to prepare your item(s) for shipping within 5-7 business days. Even if you tell me in advance what day you will make your final payment, this has been known to be changed by buyers, so I only start preparing items once the final payment is received.

Anyone who violates any of these layaway policies will forfeit their ability to utilize the layaway system in the future.

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