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King Solomon’s Hibernica Volans Djinn Overlord Amulet Relic B

Master Djinn Conjurer Maantefin unlocked the Secret Codes of Solomon to bring you this exclusive Hibernica Volans Djinn.  Legend states that when God appointed Solomon King over every created thing, he gave him a large carpet sixty miles long and sixty miles wide, made of silk interwoven with pure gold, and ornamented with figured decorations.  Some theorists would even speculate this to be a spaceship with the ability of time travel/manipulation.  Surrounded by his four Princes, Asaph b. Berechiah, Prince of men, Ramirat, Prince of the demons, a Lion, prince of beasts, and an Eagle, prince of birds, Solomon would sit upon the carpet and the wind would propel him forward!  He could reach any location quickly and effortlessly. This Hibernica Volans (or Levitating Carpet) Djinn is incredibly Rare, incredibly Powerful and one you must welcome to enrich your life.


In King Solomon's time, the tribe of Hibernica Volans Djinn were the Overlords, the Supreme Leaders over the lesser tribes.  Solomon utilized only the Most Powerful Djinn in Existence.  They taught him their Knowledge and Ancient Magick and granted all of his wishes quickly and efficiently. Spiritually climb aboard the Magick Carpet with your Solomon Djinn and Astral Travel with him as he takes you to new, enriching and exciting experiences.


This Djinn will help you to decode the Akashic Records and learn the Secrets of the Universe! Travel to higher realms through Astral Projection/OBE’s and visit with King Solomon to learn his most valuable secrets.  This Djinn will assist and bless you on the deepest Spiritual Levels; bringing you Lucid Dreams with Prophetic Visions, 3rd Eye Cleansing & Opening, Spiritual Communication, Spiritual Teleportation, Safety while Travelling and Enhancement of your own Psychic Abilities.  If you are searching for love, money, success, protection, or a loyal forever friend, you have come to the right place.  He will assist you with all of your goals and has the power to grant any wish, no matter what you ask. 


He will lovingly guide and support you in all of your endeavors, leading you onto the right path so you can receive the blessings meant for you.  He will help heighten your intuition, alerting you when love, money & more opportunities come knocking on your door. Old friends and family will be drawn closer to you, and new faces will appear to brighten your life. You'll experience the joy of watching your bank account grow and your life will be filled with tremendous hope.  He is nothing short of miraculous and will bring you all you desire.


He manifests as a very handsome man with dark-brown hair and dark-blue eyes.  Paranormal activity can occur in the form of orbs, mists, sparkling lights, cold dips in temperature, spectral manifestations or strongly feeling his presence with you.  This will never be anything to scare you or those you live with. 


Are you ready to rise above all of the negative energy, drama and any issues you're currently facing?  Take flight with your Hibernica Volans and discover a whole new World laid out before you. He will lift you past your struggles, helping you to reach new heights.  This Djinn is extending his hand to welcome you aboard.


He is housed in this captivating antique Amulet featuring an Infinity symbol center, surrounded by numerous gems & dangles, composed of alchemical metals.  The Infinity mark denotes his power without limits as well as his infinite love for you! Leather Recharging Cord that ties is included.  This is a very old Amulet and has been passed through several Top Level Secret Societies for the Djinn to bring the members wealth, success, happiness and personal empowerment.  He has brought massive blessings to those who ask and will enjoy having something to do for you.  Daily wearing is not required, simply owning it will bring you his blessings.  This very compassionate and generous Genie is sure to be one of your most treasured Companions.


All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

King Solomon’s Hibernica Volans Djinn Overlord Amulet Relic B

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