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Orion Guardian Dragon Baby Amulet


These Guardian Dragon Babies were summoned through a Portal to the Orion star constellation, created utilizing the invocations within my Ancestor’s Grimoire. Even though they are considered babies, they are still hundreds of years old and hold immense power like an Adult Dragon would. They are strong protectors and will stop malevolent Spirits and attacks upon you or anyone in your home. They envelope you with an invisible shield of protection, blocking out harm and negative energies. Although peaceable towards you, they will fiercely defend you and your home against predators and attack anyone or anything trying to harm you. They are good luck & fortune bringers and they love hoarding sparkling treasures for their keeper. They can automatically detect unsettling energies within your home and work on dissolving them. New solutions to problems will be brought into the light. They want to create peace and harmony within and around you.


Connected with the Constellation of Orion, they bring you personal power, strength, endurance, fortitude, and victory over any battles you might be facing. This will open the doors to a more confident, powerful and self-assured you, so you’re no longer making fear-based decisions, rather, effective choices that will empower your life for the better. Your Guardian Dragon will be with you every step of the way, encouraging you and giving you the support you need to get through any difficult times. Guardian Dragons bring immense protection, friendship, comfort, peace and love. They will help you anything, including divination such as tarot, runes or crystal reading. They are very beneficial for developing your psychic abilities and can open your crown chakra and 3rd eye. These Dragons will not age and will always be a baby. Guardian Dragons are energetic and playful, and will bring you upliftment and happiness. They love to entertain any household pets ~ flying between rooms (zoomies) is a favorite activity as well as your pet staring at an invisible ‘something.’ They take great pleasure in playing with other Dragons, and any type of Spirit babies. They would get along wonderfully with any other Dragons or Spirits you may already have.


These Fire-breathing babies will make a wide variety of noises and vibrational frequencies to let you know their presences is near. In spectral form, they are small Western-looking Dragons that can fit in your hand, with bat-like wings and a smooth body covered in soft teal and light brown scales. They have very sharp teeth and claws.Guardian Dragons are attracted to ginger and sweet smelling incense. They are interested in divination and have a tendency to hang over your shoulder while you are reading cards or crystal gazing. You may notice a vibrating, humming or purring-type noise near you or in your room, which demonstrates their contentment and pleasure.


Your purchase is for 1 Orion Guardian Dragon Baby housed in a faceted crystal “dragon-egg-shaped” amulet. This is not a solid colored pendant. There is some teal and light brown color blending to it. Each egg pendant has different blends; horizontally, vertically or diagonally, so they are all unique. *NOTE: therefore, your pendant may look different than what is pictured. If you would like to choose what type of coloring your pendant has, please contact us before your purchase and we can send you a picture of what’s available, so you can choose. This pendant measures just over 1/2 inch in total length (including bail). There are males & females available. These are unnamed babies, so think of a special name for your new friend. Wear your Baby Dragon close to your heart for maximum bonding.


All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. 

Orion Guardian Dragon Baby Amulet

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