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Lady of Shadows Santa Muerte Ring of Powerful Blessings

This antique ring is from Mexico and was imbued with the powers of Nuestra Senora de la Santa Muerte by an El Brujo, A Mexican Sorcerer/Hechicero and Witch Doctor Priest within the Mexican Spanish Catholicism Religion. He additionally placed several powerful Spells and Blessings on this Ring while paying homage to her at the sanctuary of Santuario Nacional del Angel de la Santa Muerte in Mexico City, Mexico. This ring is from a powerful and wealthy Mexican multi-millionaire family and since they are now well-off, they wanted someone else to experience her blessings first-hand. These Spells imbued into this ring will bring you massive wealth, business success and job assistance, passionate love, beneficial relationships both personally and business-wise, strong health and cellular healing, lifting and blocking curses and living a lavish life without suffering.  



The Lady of Shadows is a powerful Holy miracle-worker and can assist you in many different areas.  She brings a promise to grant you a happy life and guide you to path of the afterlife. She is able to dissolve all Evils and bring profound divine protection. She can help protect against assaults, accidents, gun violence, all types of violence, and a painful death. She can bring you love and passion, as well as money and prosperity. She can stop others from hating you, assaulting you, or causing violence against you. She brings justice and victory in legal matters. She can bring good health and helps those with addictions of any kind. As Señora de la Noche ("Lady of the Night"), she is often utilized for protection by people who work the night shift. She brings you shelter and good housing. She brings wisdom and retention for students and anyone learning. She can connect you with anyone that has passed away. She brings protection against others Hexes/Curses aimed at you by reversing them, and uses Black Magick to thwart any Black Magick used against you by your enemies. She will protect you and all within your home from bad energy and dark vibrations, ushering in positive and harmonious energies. She can remove energetic blockages and help your Spiritual energy to flow more freely, bringing healing and protection. The Skinny Lady works miracles and will grant any wish, regardless of what type of wish you ask; this can include the return of a lost lover or protection while committing crimes. There is no limit to what she can help you with.  


Although you can utilize her any time of the year, her most popular day of Worship is November 1st. She appears as a skeletal figure, clad in long robes and typically holds an item, such as: a scythe (to cut away negative influences), an owl (for wisdom & messages), an hourglass (for mortality and new beginnings), or a lamp (to light the way through darkness).


Your purchase is for this breathtaking Mexican Santa Muerte Ring featuring a black onyx gemstone, set in sterling silver, Size 7.5. Also included is a small black onyx gemstone coffin recharging base you can use to metaphysically cleanse the ring, or any other Santa Muerte Spiritual jewelry.


All information will be included in your shipment.

Lady of Shadows Santa Muerte Ring of Powerful Blessings

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