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Spellcast Celtic Witches Pentagram Amulet Infinite Wishes & Blessings
Spellcast Celtic Witches Pentagram of Infinite Wishes & Blessings

Drawing upon the teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I Spellcast this beautiful pentagram amulet with 5 powerful Magick Spells, correlating to the 5 points of the Star. These beneficial Spells are for Psychic Enhancement/3rd Eye Opening, Beauty/Attraction/Good Health, Love/Relationships, Money/Abundance/Success, and Protection.

I also aligned each point with Planetary influences to bless your life. These are:

Mercury: communication, process, analyze, memory

Venus: love & relationships, desire, beauty, harmony

Mars: physical energy, motivation, action, passion

Jupiter: wealth & good luck, optimism, generosity, success

Saturn: structure, overcoming challenges/obstacles

Each point of the pentagram also symbolizes the 5 Elements of Spirit, Water, Fire, Earth and Air, with the circle (Universe) connecting them all in harmony. You can utilize this pendant when working with any of these Elements or Elemental Spirits. It forms a strong connection to the Spiritual Realm, making connecting and working with Entities much easier and advantageous.

This amulet was also Spellcast to manifest your deepest wishes. Simply mentally or verbally imbue your desires into the amulet and the Universal energies will shift in your favor, bringing them to fruition.

Your purchase is for 1 Spellcast Celtic Pentagram amulet, composed of base metal with a bead accent. A base metal chain 20” link chain is included. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Spellcast Celtic Witches Pentagram Amulet Infinite Wishes & Blessings

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