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 Starry 1 Night


Soothsayer Ring of Grandmother Baba Vanga Blind Mystic

$1,979.99 $222,999.00

Born in 1911, Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova (also known as Baba Vanga) was a famous Bulgarian Mystic. As a child, she would play “healer” and use an old mortar and pestle to create herbal concoctions for her “sick” friends. Tragedy struck at age 12 when a tornado lifted her high into the air and threw her into a dry field of dirt. After a long search, she was found and brought to the local hospital. The doctors told her father that she would not survive. But miraculously she did survive, but was forever blinded by this incident. In doing so, her 3rd eye was blast open and her innate Psychic powers were awakened! Word quickly spread of her amazing abilities to foretell the future, predict Worldwide events, and heal others. Soon thousands of people were coming to her for advice, guidance and healing. She was known as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans” as her predictions were eerily accurate! This ring is from her personal collection and has been kept in a private vault by my associate, Lord Sinclair. Vanga recently came to him in a vision and told him to release this ring to the public as there is someone in need of it.

This ring holds the incredible powers of Baba Vanga! She Spellcast it to bring the owner success in everything; love, wealth, good luck, friendships and personal power. It will awaken your own Psychic abilities and reveal Prophecies in dreams. It aligns with the Universal forces to manifest anything your heart desires. This is done through invisible Spiritual frequencies which align with your Aura and attract your deepest wishes. An excellent ring for entrepreneurs or those who are self-employed as it can greatly increase the cash flow. It brings remarkable protection over Evils and anything trying to harm you. Curses and hexes are instantly dissolved and will not affect you. Obstacles will be obliterated and you can gain Mastery over all aspects of your life. Doors will open as new people and opportunities present themselves to you! There is no limit to what you can accomplish with this incredible relic!

Baba Vanga’s energies are deeply ingrained into this ring and she will visit you in dreams, visions and daydreams. She will bring you support and guidance on your journey.

This is antique ring featuring a unique light-green stone set in an intricate leafy band, size 6. The band has a slightly distorted shape, it is said, due to Vanga holding it and rubbing it. I’ve never seen a stone this color before and it seems to emit a supernatural glow. It obviously holds within it supernatural powers that we have yet to discover! This is truly a remarkable, exclusive piece for the discerning Metaphysical Collector!

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