15 Archangels Angel Portal & Wealth Blessings Amulet

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15 Divine Archangels
& Wealth Blessings




This Exquisite Amulet is a direct link to 15 Divine Archangels eager to grant your innermost Wishes & Desires!  During the Full Blue Flower Moon, I had this piece blessed at the first and only site within the United States which is recognized as having an authentic Marian Apparition, at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wisconsin. This Amulet has also been Spellcast with my most Powerful Wealth Drawing Spells ~ placing you in the heavenly flow of riches, wealth & luxury! The Archangels will work hard on your behalf, aligning the Universal forces that be so that money is funneled directly to you! They don’t just grant wealth, but allow you to build Real Financial Security! Could you use a little extra Divine Guidance & Support right now? Have you been struggling in certain areas? What is it you Desire? Anything you ask for will be quickly and efficiently carried out by the appropriate Archangel! Utilize this Magick Amulet as your Gateway to calling upon the Archangels for Assistance and Guidance whenever you need it! This Amulet was created during months of Focused Sacred Ceremonies, aligning it with the Vibrational Frequency of Each of these 15 Incredible Archangels!





As “Lioness of God” she embodies bravery, courage, focus and elegant movements and gives us gives us courage, bravery and confidence. If you notice images of a lion or lioness, this signals that Ariel is with you. Call upon her to boost your confidence and courage. She is also involved in Divine Magick, which means instant manifestation of the highest will. She will help you to attract any support you need for your life’s mission. She is involved in divine magic, manifestation and prosperity and is especially supportive of people who are healers, caretakers, teachers and service workers. She is devoted to nature and protects and heals animals. She can assist you with animal communication & magick.





Archangel Azrael supports grieving or dying people. He helps support helpers, healers and counselors. He is patient and compassionate. Azrael’s primary role is to help people cross over to heaven. Azrael surrounds you in loving white light. Ask Azrael for assistance contacting deceased loved ones. His name means, "Whom God helps."





“He who sees God” Chamuel’s ability to see clearly helps us find positive situations and people. He’s renowned for helping people find the career best suited to their purpose and passion. Call upon Chamuel as your Career Counselor! He also assists in bringing romance into your life. He can help you fall in love with your life, heal past relationship wounds and manifest a wonderful new relationship! When you want to feel centered, calm and peaceful, call upon him. Chamuel is the Archangel of personal and global peace. He is very kind, loving and sweet and he’ll evoke a pleasant feeling of excitement when he works with you. Know that he sees your true qualities and loves you unconditionally. Chamuel’s Aura is green.





“God is my Strength” Gabriel is the messenger of God and the news that he bears is significant. He announces the coming of goodness and fortune. When a phone rings with news of support after countless days or weeks of no response, it is Gabriel that dials the phone and speaks through the party on the other end. You might notice an increase in emails too! He is delivering God’s gift and he is relentless in his efforts to do so. He supports writers, journalists, authors and anyone involved with creative endeavors. He assists parents and positively supports you through all aspects of pregnancy & childbirth. He is incredibly purposeful but equally reserved in a very majestic and powerful way.





With her peaceful moon-like energy and presence, Haniel is a gentle and loving Archangel who helps you recognize the true beauty of your soul, and the many blessings in your life! Ask her for help if you’re unsure about a decision. She will care for you with nurturing Mother energy and manifest miracles through her love for you. She will help you find and enhance your hidden talents. Haniel will help you if you want to enhance your psychic and mystical energies by helping you to harness the Power of the Moon. When you feel scattered or imbalanced, she will help you tune into the natural cycles/rhythms of your body, nature and the universe, thus enabling you to feel confident, powerful, vibrant, and alive!





“Mercy of God” When you call upon Archangel Jeremiel, he delivers mercy to you. He will guide you in the most gentle and loving ways. He helps you to see a positive outlook to any problem. What may appear as problems are actually blessings in disguise. Jeremiel will help you to make lemonades from lemons. He assists in making transitions smooth and harmonious. He will allow you to see problems from other’s points of view and to have inner compassion for them. Jeremiel also assists with reviewing your life – take some time alone with him to review where you’ve been, what you’ve learned in your life, what patterns you’re ready to release and what steps you need to take to improve your life. When you see sparkles of dark purple light, you will know Jeremiel is with you!





"Beauty of God" Archangel Jophiel is a beautiful, loving and caring Archangel. As the Feng Shui Angel, she helps you clear out clutter and make your home or work environment one of beauty and positive flowing energy! She sees beauty in everything and everyone and inspires you to do the same. Spend more time outdoors to be close to Jophiel. She blesses us with grace and peace in our lives. She encourages you to savor and enjoy every moment, slow down, and appreciate life’s everyday miracles.





Prophet & Scribe, “Enoch’s” mystical text, ‘the Book of Enoch’ describes his divine journeys to Heaven to speak with God as well as visits to miraculous places such as the “Tree of Wisdom” and “Garden of Righteousness.” Through the purification of God’s Fire, Enoch was given wings and transformed into Archangel Metatron. Metatron is known as “the Angel of the Presence.” Since he’s had extensive experience as both a human and angel, he is a magnificent intermediary between Heaven and Earth. Metatron has a special place in his heart for all children, and especially those that are Spiritually gifted (sometimes known as Indigo or Crystal Children). He helps newly crossed-over children adjust to Heaven. He helps living children love themselves and teaches them how to open their own natural spiritual gifts & understanding. His energy is strong, focused and motivational. He’s also philosophical and can help you understand things like other people’s motivations for action and why different situations occur. He will assist you with parenting/children issues, recordkeeping and organization, spiritual understanding and writing.





“He who is like God” Archangel Michael is committed to seeing to it that each and every one of us reaches their full potential as intended by God. He is considered one of the great Princes, christened as one of the greatest of all the angels and his kingdom is all inclusive of everything on Earth. He will do all that he can to protect the path, eliminating evil as a part of keeping the journey directed. His greatest gift to us is the energy he transmits within us; a positive force that leaves peace, love and beauty in its aftermath. Michael is a true spiritual Warrior; the one you should summon when the challenge seems a bit overwhelming. Give him the pleasure of coming to your rescue. He can bless you with love, power, strength and unwavering faith. Michael most likes to communicate with you through your dreams. His chief role is to remove fear from your life. He can clear spaces, thoughts, and people of any negative or lower energies.





"Friend of God" Archangel Raguel is concerned with divine order, clairsentience and relationship harmony. He can also help you sort your feelings and understand which path to take. Raguel is referred to as the archangel of justice, fairness and harmony. Raguel watches over other angels to make sure they are working well together with mortals in a harmonious and orderly fashion according to Divine order. He can be helpful for anyone involved in a court case or legal dispute. He is helpful for resolving disputes and creating harmony and order.





“God Heals” Archangel Raphael is credited with healing the earth and its inhabitants. He is very diligent about seeing that healing centers and hospitals have all that they need in order to perform God’s work. Those that place an emphasis on beauty, health and fitness are directly influenced by this Archangel. He can assist you in recreating your lifestyle, your eating habits and the way you choose to spend negative energy so that you can breathe and create a healthier lifestyle. He can help you stay fit for the mission. Raphael can help you heal yourself or find a healer who can help you heal. Raphael gives guidance through your intuitions, thoughts, ideas and dreams.





“Secrets of God” He is the Wizard Alchemist Archangel! He brings Magickal Powers of Clairvoyance and brings Spiritual understanding so that you may reclaim your Inner Power. He possesses an Astonishing amount of information on all matters Secret, Arcane, and Mysterious! He has incredible knowledge and insight! Raziel is knowledgeable in several Mystical Arts and can reveal the Mysteries of Thoth, Hermes, Merlin the Magician, and countless others. Call on Raziel to soul travel in your dreams. Raziel can also help you understand esoteric spiritual ideas and apply them in practical ways. He will bestow you with profound messages & gifts to lighten your spiritual & magickal path!





Archangel Sandalphon once walked upon the earth as a mortal man as the prophet Elijah. He lived such a remarkable Spiritual life, he ascended into Archangeldom. Ask him to help you live in integrity, with your spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing, and manifestation fully awakened. He can help you to be kind and gentle, yet powerful. One of Sandalphon’s principal roles is to deliver our prayers. He can help you allow yourself to receiving the blessings you deserve but unknowingly may be pushing away (do not think you’re not good enough)! He is very tall ~ some consider a Giant Angel! He is associated with music and you will feel his presence strongly when you listen to music, dance, sing or play a musical instrument. He can help you live with integrity, bring spiritual gifts of prophecy, allow healing, and support manifestation.





"Fire of God" In Christianity, Uriel was the Archangel who warned Noah of the impending flood, and some believe he even stepped in to help build the ark. Uriel is the spirit of Ministration and Peace; always saving the day. Uriel gave the cabala to man; 'the key to the mystical interpretation of scripture'. His mission is to help you manifest stability and relief from life’s pressures when there doesn’t seem to be any. As the Archangel of claircognizance, he can enlighten your mind with divine inspiration. If you have repetitive thoughts or ideas that are positive, loving, and helpful, Uriel is speaking to you. Uriel wants you to know that he will be there to illuminate each step along your path, one at a time.





“Righteousness of God" he is the Archangel of freedom, compassion and benevolence. He can bring emotional healing in miraculous ways. He can help us remember information, teach us new things, and access Akashic Knowledge. He is also the Archangel of Wealth & Riches and he brings good fortune in all matters involving competitions & games of chance. He also offers a very Strong Protection over you, your home and all within.


  This Remarkable Amulet is also a Portal to the Heavenly Realms, thereby allowing thousands of Angels to come through to assist you! Your prayers & wishes will be directly carried by the Angels to the Highest Source for manifestation. By welcoming this Amulet, you are inviting not only the 15 Archangels to bless your Life, but all the other Angels that choose to come through the Portal to help you!


Their heavenly vibrations resonate within you creating not only a sense of magick and joy in your world but healing, restoration and empowerment. These Archangels are Pure and Radiant Deities who will bring you peace, love and light! They will provide you with increased wisdom, guidance, protection, wealth, profound joy & peace and a deeper spiritual understanding.


This piece is one-of-a-kind! Custom crafted of an Angel nestled in amethyst gems, with an Aqua Aura Lemurian Seed Crystal beneath it, featuring the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This specific portion was Spellcast to bring you otherworldly knowledge! It measures about 3” in total length (including bail). Sterling silver Recharging Chain is included. By simply welcoming this piece, you will be bestowed its miraculous blessings!

These gemstones bring further Natural blessings into your life! Cool and relaxing, Amethyst is a stone of psychic power. It helps promote meditation, peace, tranquility and oneness with your spiritual goals. It enhances and strengthens the powers of the bearer and helps attune with the higher self, dispelling fears, heightening intuition and helping to embrace your own intuitive wisdom. Amethyst is a "negative ion", which attracts poisonous "positive ions" to it, thus clearing the air around the wearer and helping to make it more breathable. Amethyst is also said to be a stone of sobriety, and can help the wearer become free of addictive tendencies.

The Aqua Aura Lemurian Seed Crystal contains secret codes & transmits messages of unconditional love from the Ancient advanced Civilization of Lemuria. Lemuria was very Spiritually developed and peaceful. As the end of their time on Earth was coming to an end, the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing - messages that would be revealed when the energy on Earth was ready to receive them. The Lemurians then planted (or "seeded") the Lemurian Crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom, to be found centuries later by us. Lemurain Seed Crystals are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth and beyond, to other stars and dimensions. When you connect to this Lemurian Crystal and the energy it contains, you are also connecting to the grid of associated energies from the Earth, the stars, and beyond. This Crystal is outstanding for chakra clearing & balancing. Use it in healing energy work for the removal of strong energy blockages. The natural Akashic vibrations programmed into the Crystal allows for healing, deep soul/past life work and etheric cord cutting. It is also helpful in healing spiritual wounds that allow "energy leaks" and will assist you in regaining a balanced emotional state if you’ve been energetically traumatized by negative people/environments.

This Amulet is sure to be one of, if not THE, Most Cherished Magickal you will ever own! It can be utilized by either a Man or Woman as it will automatically align with your Personal Energies & Aura. You do not have to wear the Amulet to experience its miraculous blessings, you can simply carry with you or keep in a special place if honor in your home! If you do choose to wear it, be prepared for lots of attention as it naturally captures the interest of others and draws people to you!




An Archangel will provide you with a calmness and serenity that only their divine kind can provide. Your stress and anxieties will melt away when you wear or hold this Amulet! You will be cradled in the warmth, love & compassion in the arms of the Angels! They have come together for you as instruments of peace, guidance, wisdom and bring you to a closer connection to the Angelic Realm. Archangels are able to intuitively see areas of your life that need help or improvement for you and will bestow you with gentle blessings in the right direction. They are beings of pure goodness and do not possess the ability to do evil.


The True Owner of this Amulet will feel a strong magnetism towards it & know in your heart it was intended to bless your life! It is no coincidence you are here, reading this listing today at this point in time ~ the Archangels brought you here for a reason!


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