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Ikenga's Swords of Success African Juju Money Multiplier Ring

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*Luxury, Wealth &
Prosperity is yours
with the Power of
Good Juju!*

Ikegna's Swords of Success

This Ring was imbued with the Virtuous Powers of Juju!


It is the Strongest Vortex Available to the Ultimate Sources of Wealth the Cosmos provides! Owning this Ring puts you directly in the Wealth Vortex!!

Intense ceremonies are held yearly by a Witch Doctor named *Dumaka* (which means, “a helping hand” ) from Ghana, West Africa. He invokes the Spirits of his Ancestors who lived in Ghana in 600 BC when it was known as the Kingdom of Wagadugu. This Kingdom was far more developed than any other Country and one of Most Powerful Empires for several hundred years! His Ancestors were divinely shown the secret codes to unlock wealth & riches and create this Empire! They were blessed with prophetic dreams which showed them where to find lost treasures and hidden caverns filled with gold! They quickly became very wealthy and passed on their secret knowledge through their family for Centuries.

Those who’ve come to own Dumaka’s Juju Talismans have become exceedingly Rich & Famous. Money quickly and effortlessly came into their lives in one form or another; for example winning the lottery, unknown wealthy inheritances, unexpected gifts of cash and more! Their money worries dissolved and they were able to live the Life of Luxury! Many Celebrity clients have utilized his talismans & become A-List!

Don't miss your chance to own this Very Rare & highly sought after talisman! It places you inside the Universal Cosmic Energy Vortex of Wealth & Riches and connects all of the Spirits of Good Luck & Great Fortune to bestow you their Miracles!  It magnetically attracts and multiplies your money!

The Power of this Ring works in Spiritual Conjunction with all of the other Wealth Juju talismans Dumaka creates. When one person gains Wealth, the Spiritual force is magnified and linked to your talisman, which grows even stronger in power! This is Powerful Wealth Grid that is currently and Successfully Changing Lives Every day! You will notice an accumulation of changes for the better and the longer you own it, the Stronger it becomes as your Financial & Monetary blessings continue to Increase Exponentially! It also gives a powerful Energy Boost to any wealth talismans you currently own.

Owning this Ring intrinsically brings a windfall of wealth blessings! Not only does it attract money, but it helps to build & create Real financial security for its owner!

Are you One of the Chosen? You did not come to Earth to struggle with finances ~ you were destined for financial greatness! Yet few people are able to obtain a Truly Powerful Authentic Magickal talisman to Assist them in Reaching their Goals! This Ring is intended for the Person who knows they are different and wants only the Best Life has to offer! Use this Ring as a Powerful Tool to get you where you want to be~ Faster & More Efficiently! If you aren't enjoying the status and magnificent lifestyle that riches can bring, this Ring could be the best thing that ever happened to you!

Deemed: Ikegna's Swords of Success, this ring has been infused with the African Warrior God Ikenga’s essence. He is the All-Powerful God of Wealth, Achievement, Perfect Timing, Luxury, Success and Victory. He taps into the ancient Universal flow of abundance, where all is possible. His blessings cover all areas, including: Chi, which erases your past monetary influences that are negative and obliterates debts; Ndichie, which connects you with all of your deceased ancestors so they can assist in the Spiritual Realm to bring you financial and brings you their influences; Aka Ikenga, which leads you in the right time and place to prosper; and Ike, which brings the power of rapid manifestation into your life. His powers are harnessed through the ring allowing you to receive anything you desire; drawing any person or situation that you wish directly to you. Others will be under the influence of your radiance! There is nothing you cannot accomplish with this incredible Ring!

This enchanting Ring features the Swords of Success in a sterling silver band, Size 10. You do not have to wear the Ring to be bestowed its blessings as simply owning it will improve your Life for the better! You will treasure having this remarkable piece in your collection!

If you’ve been waiting to treat yourself to that Extra Special Magickal ~ you have just found it! This will be one of, if not THE Most Powerful Wealth Talisman you will ever own! Let this Ring position you to reap the financial windfalls you so deserve. Before you know it, your life could turn on a dime, bringing you surprising success and wealth beyond your imagination! Perfect for a Man or Woman, once you welcome this magnificent piece, watch as your life transforms for the better!

There is no formal ritual you need to perform. Whoever owns this Ring will be Intrinsically blessed with the Powers of Dumaka’s Good Juju!! This Ring will literally beckon to you and you will know without a doubt it is meant to enrich YOUR life! Dumaka’s Juju Talismans are exclusive to Starry1Night and offered on a very limited basis, so do not hesitate in making your purchase if this piece calls to you!


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