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Between Worlds Spiritual Entity Gateway Portal Box



Between Worlds

Spiritual Entity


Portal Box

During the Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse on January 31st, a Portal to the Spiritual Realms was opened! This was achieved utilizing the Ancient Invocations of my Ancestors with proper oils, herbs, and sigils.

This Box connects you with the Powerful Spiritual Entities of the Blue Blood Super Moon Eclipse: Angels, Aliens, Fairies, Vampires, Dragons, Djinn, Werewolves, and all other Benevolent Spiritual Beings! These Spirits hold a very special place in the Cosmic Universe and are incredibly rare as they can only be invoked during this special event! There is no 1 Spirit you need to bond with. Thousands of them will automatically enter through the Portal to bless your life. Some will come and go once their gifts are complete, and others may stay with you for eternity. If you are sensitive/intuitive, you will be able to learn more about those special beings. These Spirits are eager to bless your life in all ways! They can bring you increased wealth & prosperity, better luck, bring you your Soul Mate, provide immense protection, help you open your psychic centers & connect with Spirits, bestow Universal wisdom and help deepen your Spiritual connections. Many gifts will be personal to you and your unique desires.

As a wishing box, you can mentally imbue the box with your wishes or write it on a small slip of paper and place inside. Your wishes will be taken to these amazing Blue Blood Super Moon Eclipse Spirits for manifestation! They are very excited to bring their blessings into your life!

This Exceptional Box is composed from Spiritual Wood from North Africa and measures about 3” across and 2.25” high. Look closely and you’ll see the Spirit faces in the wood! You can place any Magickal jewelry inside for Metaphysical cleansing, restoration and an exclusive power boost! Only 1 available, Box A! 

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