Enochian Angelic Grigori Watcher of the Divine Plume Lapis Ring

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Enochian Angelic

Grigori Watcher

of the Divine Plume

From a Rare grouping of several Spiritual Leaders, I’m honored to offer you this powerful Grigori Watcher of the Divine Plume. He came forward through a holy ceremony utilizing Ancient Secret codes in the Book of Enoch. Watchers, also known the “Iyrin” in Aramaic, and “Grigori” in Slavonic, and as “those who are awake”, are a form of Angel who come to Earth to assist humans. God allowed the Watchers to observe the Creation of the Universe and learn Secret Mysteries. This Watcher is eager to teach you much of this forbidden knowledge and bring illumination & awakening in all areas. He is a benevolent, peaceful Entity, eager to help transform your Life for the better!

This Watcher comes to assist you on your life’s path and brings a fresh new start to one who needs it. He will bring you new opportunities, allowing you to find a great new job and/or succeed at school to help land the job/career of your dreams. If you happen to own your own business, he brings you fresh, creative new ideas and ushers new clients to you. He will expand your creativity and awareness, reveal your true life’s purpose and manifest your dreams. As a good luck bringer, he helps you obtain wealth & riches effortlessly. The energy of the Divine Plume will propel you past all last year’s drama, negativity and obstacles, and obtain something greater. He activates your throat chakra, allowing you to express your truth without fear, communicate better both verbally and non-verbally, form a stronger connection to the Spiritual Realm and communicate with Spirits, strengthen you intuition, gain greater self-confidence, create your visions into reality and lead you to the right place at just the right time. With this amazing Watcher in your life, the best is yet to come!

This Watcher appears as a handsome man with glittering silver wings, short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes as the photo shows. He also has a sexual nature and would enjoy having an intimate relationship with you, only if you so choose; if not, he completely respects that and you can still form just as strong bonds of friendship with him.

He enjoys rituals and spellwork and would enjoy being included in your ceremonies, if you happen to perform them. He is associated with the four quarters of north, east, south, and west and the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.


Your Watcher will bless you with the following and much more that will be unique to you:

Ending Addictions
Peace & Harmony
Business & Career Success
Wealth & Prosperity
Balance & Tranquility
Wisdom & Ancient Knowledge
Past Life Work
Psychic & 3rd Eye Awakening
Stronger Intuition

He’s chosen as his vessel this breathtaking Lapis Ring featuring a sterling silver plume set in solid .925 sterling silver, Size 7. You do not have to wear to bond with him as simply owning this Ring will bring you his blessings. You could also carry with you, wear on a chain or keep someplace special. Lapis brings further Metaphysical blessings into your life. Sacred to the Goddess Isis, Lapis Lazuli was prized by the Ancient Egyptians and holds the energy of a star-studded sky, limitless in its wisdom. Lapis provides mental clarity and objectivity; it assists in awaking the third eye and for tapping into your intuition and strengthen psychic abilities. Lapis is also connected with Jupiter and thus expand intellect, wisdom and leadership qualities as well as helping in legal matters. The stone works as a shield from psychic attack. It is used to relieve insomnia and let go of anxieties. Lapis is the gemstone of total awareness and stimulates the consciousness toward the awakening. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone for those seeking spiritual development. It brings mental clarity & emotional healing. The deep blue stone brings about harmony in relationships and can help overcome depression, and open the door to self-acceptance, which leads to serenity.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Brightest blessings!

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