Ancient Egyptian 5 Radiant Soul Spells Ring

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Ancient Egyptian

5 Radiant Soul


This Ring was Spellcast by my associate, Maantefin, during a covert ceremony inside the Great Pyramid. He uncovered hidden Spells decoded from hieroglyphs to awaken one’s personal power. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the human soul was composed of five components: the Jb, Ka, Ba, Ren and Sheut. It was important to give attention to all of these components for a long and happy life, and afterlife. Since it will attune to your personal energy, there is no limit to the amount of blessings it can bring you!

The 5 Ancient Egyptian Radiant Soul Spells are:

Jb = the heart; brings you all your hearts desires and assists with finding True Love, passion, intimate relationships, beauty, allure and attraction

Sheut = shadow figure; stops all negative influences in your life (Evil Spirits, Demons, Black Magick, Curses, Hexes, etc.); blocks evil eye and jealous competitors

Ren = your name given at birth; recalibrates your name and soul connection to bring you personal success, prosperity, wealth, riches and expansive money attraction

Ba = personality; reveals your true Soul’s Purpose, establishes new relationships (personal, friendship, romantic, business), others will look at you with respect and adoration, helps boost creativity, motivation and self-confidence

Ka = vital spark; grants Ancient Universal Wisdom, Clarity, Psychic Enhancement, Spirit Contact/Communication, Astral Travel, OBE’s

There is no ritual you need to perform. These spells will automatically align with your energy and bring your dreams into fruition. Your path will be cleared of obstacles so all you desire can be yours.

This ring features 3 Citrine gemstones and 2 Egyptian Lotus flower accents, representing the 5 Radiant Soul Spells, set in .925 sterling silver, with gold-colored overlay accents, Size 7.75. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special.

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