Chariot of the God Helios Massive Blessings Ring

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Chariot of the God

Helios Ring of Massive


I imbued this beautiful ring with the power of the Greek Sun God, Helios (also known as Roman deity: Sol). According to Greek legend, each morning, the Goddess Dawn opened the Eastern gates of the sky, so that Helios could enter through riding the Chariot of the Sun drawn by 12 magnificent horses. It took great skill to master this journey, of which Helios had tremendous strength and fortitude. Once he reached the Western gates of Evening, their treacherous journey ended for the night, only to start once again every morning.

The God Helios has eagerly come forward to assist you on your life’s path, which can sometimes be a treacherous one! He embodies fiery devotion and protection over you as you traverse the ups and downs of your journey. He will envelop you in a strong, protective shield, keeping evil Spirits, people and situations from affecting you. Psychic attacks will be obliterated and you will be on the path to peace & tranquility. Through his Wisdom, he brings, light, illumination and Spiritual Wisdom, inspiring Divine Guidance and Prophetic Information. He opens your 3rd eye to Spiritual contact.

Helios embodies the Fire Element and uses the solar rays of the Sun to gently yet effectively purify negativity and transform them into positive! He will increase your creativity and promote healing in all aspects. He will assist you with finding your life’s purpose and increase your concentration, focus and ability to retain knowledge. He brings Warmth to your relationships, body and environment.

Helios brings golden wealth & riches on a massive scale, so that you can live in luxury and have 1,000x’s more than you need. He will warm your heart and mind with his gentle glow and obliterate all thoughts, feelings or behaviors that stand in the way of your Divine Potential. Although he offers these unique qualities, he is also a wish-manifestor, so ask him for anything you desire or need assistance with. He is eager to enter your life and start making your dreams come true.

His vessel is this beautiful gemstone ring with a main Citrine “sun” stone, surrounded by dazzling amethyst, peridot and white cz stones, set in .925 sterling silver, Size 5.5. You may even be able to see his smiling face manifesting within the center stone! Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed his impressive Magickal gifts.

No formal ritual required. Although you will welcome him, he doesn’t have to bless only you ~ loved ones, friends, relatives, (an infinite number of people) can all simultaneously benefit if you ask this of Helios.

All information will be included in your shipment. Many sunny blessings!

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