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Imperial Throne Angel Sodalite Crown Amulet

$59.99 $149.99

Imperial Throne Angel Personal Heavenly Guide

This loving Angel was summoned through several Consecrated, Holy and Sacred Ceremonies by 7 different Religious Clergy Masters. They utilized Sacred teachings from the Bible as well as Divine Invocations from the Great Spiritual Universal Masters. It does not matter your religious beliefs ~ the Throne Angel will assist anyone, no matter their religious or Spiritual beliefs.

Imperial Throne Angels are the Highest-ranking Angels sent by God to help humankind. Since they’re Angels of Righteousness and Authority, they are called Thrones and have as their symbol, the Crown. They are the closest of all the Angels to Spiritual Perfection and emanate God’s peaceful and loving Light. He conveys his messages to these Angels, who in turn pass them on to other Angels and humans. They are the bringers of Justice and keep vigil for those who have been wronged in any manner, oftentimes bringing certain facts or events to light so problems may be resolved and victims vindicated.

They create, channel and collect incoming and outgoing positive energies and they bestow intense healing energies. They are very Strong Spirits capable of rapid progress. They will make life-altering, often times dramatic changes to one’s life so you can live life to your fullest. They Guide you towards your true path, enabling you to enjoy the best life has to offer and live with greater happiness. They are Especially Supportive when you have important events that may need Divine Intervention and help you move through them with greater ease ~ these are big life changes such as deaths, births, weddings, divorces, etc. These are Wish-Granting Spirits and can manifest Wealth, Love, Healing, Success and anything you desire. Welcome a Throne into your life for incredible Positive Energy and Life-Altering changes!

The Imperial Throne Angels connect with you through your Crown Chakra and increases your ability to take in more Universal Light Energy through it. They act as a conduit to more fully and evenly distribute this Energy through all of the chakras and meridians. This helps give you the freedom to be who you truly are from a Soul level as they support you as you navigate your Earth walk with greater joy and enthusiasm. You may feel a tingling on the top of your head (Crown Chakra) while or anytime after reading this listing. This is the Imperial Throne Angel sending a direct message to you that you need to welcome him or her into your life! You may not understand why, but he or she has many blessings in store for you!

Your purchase is for 1 Male or Female Imperial Throne Angel housed in this enchanting .925 Sterling Silver Crown Amulets encasing a Sodalite Gemstone! It measures just over an inch in height. Sterling Silver Recharging Chain included. When the Crown is not on a Chain, it can be opened to reveal the gemstone within. Truly a beautiful talisman perfect for the Imperial Throne Angel! Stressors will melt away and you will feel enveloped in soothing Divine Angelic Energy whenever you hold or wear this beautiful Amulet!

Sodalite brings natural metaphysical properties to further bless your life. Sodalite is a mixture of blue and white colors *the picture shows a sample, your gemstone might have more blue or more white, since they are all naturally cut differently. This gem brings inner peace and harmony and ushers this energy into your home & sacred space. It stimulates endurance and is extra lucky for writers. Sodalite strengthens our ability for rational thought and helps us recognize our inner truth and to express that to others. A wonderful stone for communication, it aids the wearer in finding trust and mutual esteem with others. It opens access to understanding of our place in the Universe and our journey of life, so that we may face our learnings with intelligence and a calm understanding. It also helps free us from old behavior patterns that no longer serve us. It brings balance to those with thyroid issues and helps those trying to lose weight. It aids in communicating and will give you confidence to speak more.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. Thank you & Brightest Blessings!

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