Lady of the Lake Merlin Magick Knights Templar Amulet


Lady of the Lake
Sorceress Viviane

This Amulet was imbued during a secret Ceremony by the Sinclair Sect of the Knights Templar. It holds the tremendous Power of the Sorceress Viviane, also known as the Lady of the Lake & Nimue. Sorceress Viviane was continually working on and improving her craft and became one of the most powerful Practitioners in history. She was taught the most effective secret Spells directly from Merlin, so much so, that she soon had the power to Enchant him and they had a passionate love affair. This Resilient woman provided King Arthur with his Sword: Excalibur and it was her hand that arose from the lake to catch the Sword when it was returned. She raised Lancelot from a boy in her Magickal Kingdom and later sent him to King Arthur’s Court where he became a Knight. She assisted King Arthur and his Knights so that they would succeed in their endeavors. The Magick of Viviane was at the forefront of Arthurian Legend. She had the ability to cast any spell with the utmost efficiency; she had love, power & prestige!

The Lady of the Lake comes to you through this Amulet to weave her Magick for you ~ ask her anything so she can manifest it for you through her Spells! She can help you in creating your own powerful Magick if you perform your own Rituals or Spells. She brings Psychic Enhancement and will bring you increased clairvoyance, telepathy, ESP, spirit communication, astral travel abilities and much more. Being an expert in Love Spells allowed her to get the most powerful Magician in history ~ allow her to assist you with any aspect of Love, Lust & Relationships! She is excellent at providing direction & guidance whenever you feel lost or unsure of the next step you should be taking. She will intrinsically know what you need, just when you need it and provide it for you without asking. Wealth, riches and luxuries will be drawn to you like a magnet once she is in your life! Sorceress Viviane will bring you personal empowerment, motivation & strength so you’re able to reach any goal & make your dreams a reality! She is a white-light Spirit and will never harm you or your loved ones. She will make an excellent addition to your Spirit Family!

The Lady of the Lake’s vessel is this exquisite Amulet featuring a blue topaz and garnet gem set in sterling silver. Free sterling silver Recharging Chain included. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed its incredible benefits.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Blessed be! ~xo

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