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Celtic Merman of Love & Adoration Shell Ring

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Celtic Merman of

Love & Adoration

Utilizing the teachings of my Ancestors, I’m honored to offer this enchanting Celtic Merman of Love & Adoration! He eagerly came through to bless the life of one lucky person ~ perhaps you! His specialty is to bring you gifts in all areas of love & relationships! He can help you find your true Soul Mate or refresh the passion in your current relationship.

Utilizing the refreshing and rejuvenating element of Water, he brings tremendous blessings of love joy, abundance, good luck, healing, psychic enhancements, peace and harmony. He is excellent at helping you release any anger tendencies and provide you with constructive steps to take to change your situation. He will cleanse your Aura with gentle waves of peaceful and loving energy and will assist in healing any ailments at a cellular level. He is a very sensual and erotic being and if you so choose, he would be happy to be your Spiritual lover. If not, you can still form very strong bonds, regardless. He will help to heal any negative beliefs or wounds regarding sexuality combined with your emotions and physical body. He will help you to discover the highest expressions of your Soul’s Energy and increase your Psychic Abilities, opening and clearing your 3rd eye so you can communicate better with all Spirits. He brings the refreshing qualities of the Water Element and can assist you in cleansing on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

This Celtic Merman is extremely handsome and has a muscular upper half with long light brown hair and dazzling sea-blue eyes. His tail fins are a beautiful blend of deep pink, blues and crèmes. His personality is very nourishing, loving, considerate, relaxed, free-thinking, romantic, imaginative and charismatic. He can give signs of his presence through seeing orbs, mists or twinkling lights, feeling a cooling sensation, in spectral form, or noticing more water-related images.

He’s chosen this breath-taking large Shell Ring as his vessel, Size 9.75, set in solid .925 sterling silver. The Shell measures about 1.5” tall. This shell reflects colors; it is a silvery-bluish/grey color with a white center. The back of this ring has a beautiful Cosmic Swirl pattern. Just holding this ring, I feel instantly transported to a tropical paradise! The Merman’s face appears to be manifesting within the center of the shell! You do not have to wear to bond. No formal ritual required.

Is this Celtic Merman of Love & Adoration calling to you? It’s very possible you were even a Mermaid/Merman in a past life. Merpeople work very closely with Incarnated Merpeople, to ensure the well being of the Oceans and Ocean life. An Incarnated Mermaid(or Merman) is a person who was a Mermaid(or Merman) in a recent past life, who decided to incarnate as a human in this life in order to help educate more humans on how to treat the Oceans and the Earth better. They have a deep love & attraction to beaches, water, ocean life, etc.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Brightest blessings! ~xo

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