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3 Wise Men King Spells of Success and Abundance Cross

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3 Wise Men King Spells of Success and Abundance

For your consideration is this beautiful Cross, which was Spellcast utilizing Secret Biblical Codes and blessed by several Spiritual Leaders. This Cross brings you the gifts of the Magi! Imbued into it are the energies of the 3 Wise Men Kings as well as powerful Spells for Success and Abundance. In Christian belief, the 3 Wise Men were a group of distinguished foreigners, Alchemists and Magicians, who saw an unusual star in the sky and followed it to bring gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus.

Each Wise Man will bless your life in extraordinary ways!

King of Arabia, Melchior , is described as having long white hair and beard and wears a gold cloak. He brings gift of gold into your life! He opens the floodgates for gold, wealth and prosperity to come more freely into your life. He can help with lottery wins, gifts of cash, finding money, inheritances, raises and divine alternative means to obtaining wealth and riches. He brings protection from jealousy and the evil eye and blocks evil spirits, curses or negative energies from influencing your goals.

The King of Sheba, Caspar , is described as having brown hair and beard and wears a green cloak. He brings the gift of frankincense into your life! This energy brings positive assurance, guidance and support when you feel things aren’t going your way. He helps calm energies, bringing peace and tranquility during times of uncertainty. His soothing energies help relieve stress and inspire you to live your dream.

The King of Tarse and Egypt, Balthazar , has dark colored skin and a black beard and hair. He wears a purple cloak and brings the gift of myrrh into your life! This essence transforms negative money situations into positive; for example: no job into finding the career of your dreams; helping you get several new opportunities for wealth to flow to you and whatever financial assistance you need! He helps transform any current bad financial situation into a positive one, shifting energies so your financial situation is no longer a poor one.

The Biblical Spells imbued into this Cross are for Success, Abundance, Wealth, Riches and living a Lavish Lifestyle. It does not matter your religious belief, this Cross will benefit anyone.

This elegant cross is accented with dazzling cz gems, set in .925 sterling silver. It measures about an inch in total length. This Cross has such a lovely energy and sparkles all colors of the rainbow. Free Recharging Chain included.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Heavenly Blessings! ~xo

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