Haunted Harvest Spellcast Incense Cones



Haunted Harvest Spellcast Incense Cones

  I Spellcast these incense cones with formulas that were used by my Ancestors in Ancient times! This is a magnificently spooky blend of harvest scents to enhance your Rituals, Meditations; thins the Veil so contact with Entities is more easily attainable, Access Hidden Knowledge, OBEs/Astral Travel, Open 3rd Eye, Shadow Work, Ancestral Rites, Night Magick, Protects against Black Magick, Hexes and Evil Spirits. This blend attracts Spirits and enhances paranormal activity.  Perfect to use for all of your Fall Festivals and Sabbats, especially Samhain ~ Halloween.

Your purchase is for 1 package of 15 Haunted Harvest Incense Cones richly scented with yummy pumpkin and spices ~ they smell fantastic! There is no special ritual you have to perform, simply light and enjoy!  *cauldron not included.

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