Summer Celebration Yellow Spellcast Candles ~ 4


Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I have Spellcast these beautiful candles during my Full Moon Rituals for Summer Celebrations! Use for Litha, Lammas or any time you desire! These Candles were also Spellcast as a special Summer Offering for your Spirit friends! Once lit, they usher in happy & uplifting energies, which will make your Spirits incredibly happy & content. These are one-of-a-kind & very potent Magick Candles!

Additionally, the Spells imbued into these Candles bring blessings of:
Happiness & Joy
Personal Empowerment
Charisma Boosting
Better Communication Abilities
Inner Balance
Strengthen Friendships
Release old/negative habits
Weight Loss
Aura Cleansing
Astral Travel/ OBE’s
Increase Energy
Brings Fun Adventures & Opportunities
Strengthen Spiritual Connections

Your purchase is for a set of 4 unscented yellow Summer Celebration Tealight Candles. Spellcast during the Full Moon and blessed in my Sacred Space, anointed with Fairy Dust and an occult blend of herbs, including Calendula (Marigold petals). Due to the herbal topping, these candles need extra care & attention while burning - never leave unattended. Each candle burns for about 4 hours. These beautiful candles are poured in a clear plastic cup with proportional weight so they are able to float on water, adding a uniquely beautiful illumination during your ritual bath, spellworkings or meditations.

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