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 Starry 1 Night


Mageia Osirica Cleo Ring Black Egyptian Masonic Magick

$666.66 $1,339.99

During a covert Ceremony in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Black Egyptian Masonic Brotherhood, the Mageia Osirica, the Followers of Osiris, imbued this Ring with powerful Black Magick Spells and the power of Macedonian Greek Queen, Kleopatra Phiopator (Cleopatra VII). This type of Magick is utilized by the Satanic Illuminati and other Dark Secret Societies all over the World.

The Mageia Osirica originated in Ancient Egypt, during the time of Pharaoh Amenhotep I. They were a secret society formed of men and women who were granted profound knowledge of astronomy, masonry, Magick, medicine, science and technology. This knowledge was passed down through select generations, and is said to have originated from the Gods from the Stars of Orion. Scholars today believe this is the cornerstone and origin of all of the Masonic Orders (Freemasonry) in existence.

This Black Magick Masonic Spells imbued into this ring will greatly influence all areas of your life. Queen Cleopatra was a force to be reckoned with and held incredible powers of beauty, success and control. She was incredibly wise and gifted. She had untouchable influences over men with her charm and beauty. These same energies will be transferred to you, making you irresistible to others. Your Aura will sparkle and radiate warmth and love, making others want to be with you, do as you say and share in your goals. They will be “under your Spell” as you will be able to manipulate their thoughts and actions with what you desire. This includes friendships, co-workers, business partnerships, romantic partners, family and acquaintances. You won’t be acting any different then you normally do; the Spells do all the work in shifting the energies to your favor. But you can gain tremendous confidence and self-assurance knowing this powerful Magick is secretly working for you!

There are powerful Beauty and Lust Spells within this ring that will have others seeing you in a whole new light. They will see you as fun, intelligent, beautiful and influential. Your sexual prowess will increase and love making will be when, how, and where you want it.

There are powerful Wealth Spells within this ring that will skyrocket you to the top of success! This includes achievements in business, climbing the ladder to victory. If you own your own business, it opens the gateways to usher in new clients and increase your cash flow. If you are an entrepreneur, it helps get you the right people and in the right places to make your dreams a reality.

There are powerful Protection Spells within this ring that will return all curses/hexes back to their original source. Your enemies will become Spiritually paralyzed and no longer able to affect you or keep you from reaching your goals. Obstacles will be obliterated, so you can move forward with greater success and on your way to manifesting your dreams!

This is a do-all Ring that can help you resolve any difficult or seemingly impossible situation. It will be able to read your hearts desires and start opening doors for you! There is no limit to what it can do!

This ring features Queen Cleopatra in a 925 sterling silver band with brass plating, Size 9.75. Slip it on your finger and you will feel a tingling sensation throughout your body. Will work for both men and women. Does not have to be worn to work as simply owning brings you its gifts.

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