Rite of Annihilation Ring of the Dark Sorcerer


Rite of Annihilation

Ring of the

Dark Sorcerer

This ring is from the private collection of Black Magick High Priestess, Nyx. It is a vintage ring belonging to a Dark Sorcerer from Medieval times. He was a recluse that used the power of Black Magick to bring him all he desired. As a child he was ridiculed by children and adults because he had several large birthmarks on his face. This caused him great sadness and he turned to Magick to help bring him self-confidence and power. Utilizing Ancient Occult Invocations, he quickly grew to an incredibly powerful Sorcerer and could manifest anything he desired. People secretly flocked to him to beg for assistance with their problems. This ancient ring was his “Rite of Annihilation” Ring. It was imbued with Dark Magick that will bring destruction to any aspect of your choosing. For example, if you are seeking a new job, it will destroy all that does not serve your best interest, and lead you directly to the best job for you. If you are seeking love, it will nullify any false lovers or people that are not with you for the right reasons; making way for your true soul mate to reach you. If you are in business and want to make it to the top, it will squash your competition and jealous enemies. It can bring revenge to those who have done you harm. It changes bad luck to good, increasing your wealth blessings. It will halt all Evil, demons, curses, hexes, attacks and negative influences that may have been impeding you from reaching your goals. It brings the ultimate in protection and will safeguard you and all within your home. This ultra-powerful ring will annihilate all that is bad to open the doors to the best life has to offer you.

There is no formal ritual required. Once in your hands, this ring will automatically align with your personal energy/Aura and bring you its gifts.

This antique ring features a black stone set in a band of alchemical metals, size 9.5. Several years ago, Nyx was visited by the Dark Sorcerer and instructed on inscribing the stone with a Secret Ancient Occult Sigil for this Ring to be most effective. This secret is barely noticable, unless you are looking closely at the ring.  Daily wearing is not recommended. Find a special place in your home for this incredible ring!

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