Snare Vortex of Darkness Ring of the Dark Sorcerer

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Snare Vortex of Darkness
Ring of the Dark Sorcerer

This ring is from the private collection of Black Magick High Priestess, Nyx. It is a vintage ring belonging to a Dark Sorcerer from Medieval times. He was a recluse that used the power of Black Magick to bring him all he desired. As a child he was ridiculed by children and adults because he had several large birthmarks on his face. This caused him great sadness and he turned to Magick to help bring him self-confidence and power. Utilizing Ancient Occult Invocations, he quickly grew to an incredibly powerful Sorcerer and could manifest anything he desired. People secretly flocked to him to beg for assistance with their problems.

This ancient relic was his “Snare Vortex of Darkness” Ring. This Ring uses powerful Black Magick entrapment Spells to your benefit. It will Spiritually “trap” your enemies, leaving them stuck, tangled and unable to move forward in any of their personal or romantic relationships. Their mind will cloud over with doubt and stress, causing them to lack focus and make beneficial decisions in any area of their life. Their career will suffer with job loss and misfortunes. Their partner will grow spiteful, jealous and resentful of them, causing great distress and break-up within their romantic life. This ring also works to “trap” wealth, riches and lavish luxuries, causing your bank account to grow exponentially. The powers of this Ring put your ultimate desires first, and will entice the perfect lover, job or any desire you may have. It paves the way for you to lead a powerful life with respect and mind control over others. They will be under temptation and admire everything you say and do, wanting to be with you and do things they normally wouldn’t. It envelops your Aura with an irresistible charm and seduction that will hypnotize others - sex partners will lust after you and want nothing more than fulfill your wildest fantasies. This Ring allows you to capture what you desire, but also let go of that which is not good for you. Welcome this ring and explore all of the amazing avenues of possibilities just waiting for you!

There is no formal ritual required. Once in your hands, this ring will automatically align with your personal energy/Aura and bring you its gifts.

This antique ring features a symbol of the Snare Vortex carved on a round stone that seems to change color; it’s a blend of dark grey, green and blue. Set in a band of alchemical metals, size 9.5. You do not have to wear to benefit.

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