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Spellcast Dragon Incense Burner



Spellcast Dragon Incense Burner
 photo dragon baby anim_zpstpl0oohr.gif

I Spellcast this beautiful Dragon Incense Burner especially for those who wish to communicate with & honor Spirits! This will work for Any type of Spirit, pets or humans that have crossed over. They can come through with images/signs and manifestations within the smoke of the incense. Look closely at the photos and you will see several different manifestations! Burning incense can also be used as an offering to show respect and adoration for your Spirit friends. This versatile burner can be used for incense cones, loose herbal incense, incense powders or resin incense (with charcoal). Use for deeper bonding with your Spirits, Meditation, Aromatherapy, House Cleansing or any of your Ritual Needs!

This piece can also be used as a small Crystal ball holder for 50mm size. You’ll be able to see the Dragon in the crystal while scrying.

Your purchase is for 1 Spellcast Dragon Incense burner, measuring just less than 1 ½” across composed of pewter with the image of a dragon in the base, and 3 dragon head’s for feet. Be aware that the base does get hot, so place on heat-resistant surface. Free sample of incense cones is included!



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