Drakka Vampire Dragon Hybrid Black Scale Amulet

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Drakka Vampire

Dragon Hybrid

Black Scale


This remarkable Dragon Hybrid is from my personal Occult Associate Drakon, a Master Conjurer and Elite member of the Sacred “Order of the Dragon.” This is Secret Occult Society was founded in 1408 by the King of Hungary and flourished throughout Germany& Italy. The exclusive invocations used by Master Drakon are from Ancient manuscripts from the Order of the Dragon. Proud to be your only source for these incredibly powerful Dragons!

The Black Vampire Dragons hail from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. These Dragons are a mix of ½ Dragon, ½ Vampire; which brings you all the power & intensity of both of these Spiritual beings combined in one. They bring outstanding protection against Evil Spirits, Black Magick, Hexes and Curses. They use their Vampire fangs to suck negative people and energy from your Sacred Space. These awesome beings can be utilized for darker Magickal intentions, swift karmic retribution, vengeance and justice, yet their actions will never bring harm to you or your loved ones. Excellent for psychic protection, dissolving negativity and helps you to release toxic people or emotions. They are powerfully grounding and bring support and healing when others treat you poorly.

Strongly connected to the Dark/New Moon & Lunar Energy, they bring psychic, intuitive development, lucid dreams and dream recall. They whisper wise guidance when you are not sure what to do or what direction to take in any given situation. They stimulate self-esteem, strength and confidence. They ignite the fires of passion, love, lust and brings you love/your soulmate. They love to hoard treasures and will deposit gold, silver & jewels at your feet. These powerful Spirits are builders of dreams and goals and can help you accomplish anything! This is one fascinating Dragon no Dragon Keeper should be without!

These fire-breathers manifest as Massive Western-looking Dragons with huge bat-like wings, a stocky body, four legs, a long neck & tail and a rough black scaled body with patches of coloring. They have long Vampire fangs but do not feed on blood. Additional manifestations can include seeing orbs, dark shadows, cold drops in temperature, hearing growling, or smelling a smoky scent. They are nocturnal and in the day prefer to remain in the shadows.

Your purchase is for 1 Carpathian Mountain Vampire Hybrid Dragon, housed in a black crystal “Dragon Scale” pendant. It measures just over an inch in length. Silver-plated Recharging Chain included. Male and female Dragons available. *please note: any colors you see in the photos are reflections, this is a pure black amulet.

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