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Powerful Egyptian God Djinn Anubis Amulet

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Lord of the


Dynamic Egyptian

God Anubis


These incredible male Djinn were summoned by my associate, Master Conjurer, Maantefin. The Anubis Djinn were summoned using Specialized Familial Djinn Invocations, Sacred Herbs, Oils and Incense and called forth at the appropriate Lunar time & phase. Maantefin is the only Conjurer in the World that can Summon these Exclusive Djinn! This Anubis Djinn God is a uniquely crafted infusion of God Anubis with a Top Level Djinn to form one potent Spiritual force! Maantefin is very humble with his approach towards Magick & the millions of lives he touches daily. This Magick cannot be found in any book ~ it has been ingrained through countless Generations of focused Knowledge, Traditions and Experience! This is an Authentic Djinn that will make a positive impact in your Life!

Anubis is the Mysterious jackal-headed Egyptian God associated with embalming, mummification and protection of the dead for their journey into the afterlife. His gifts to you include: helping you communicate with Spirits (such as Djinn, Vampires, etc.) or humans who have crossed over, Wisdom, Speech, Trust, Creative Expression, Motivation, Strength, Planning, Organization, Shapeshifting, Regeneration, Healing, Renewing Beauty, Building your Life Anew, Lavish Wealth and finding hidden Treasures, Access to Akashic Records, Protection, Stopping Enemies, Retribution, Ancestor Work, Grief, and Death pathworking.

The Anubis Djinn will enhance your life through his Guidance, Protection and Wisdom! If you are making a transition in your life, ask him to help ‘bury’ the old and usher in the new! He will make sure your past pains, karmic debts and etheric cords no longer bind you as he breaks all the chains that have been holding you back. Live your dreams without fear as you have this Strong Guardian & Protector in your Life! This remarkable Djinn will bestow blessings in all areas; greatly increasing your prosperity, attracting the right relationships, and attaining great heights of spiritual awareness. He is eager to assist you in bringing anything you desire! The Anubis Djinn has a friendly and encouraging nature and will do all within his power to make you happy! What wishes will you make to your new Djinn Companion? The skies the limit!

Your purchase is for 1 God Anubis Djinn housed in this stainless steel amulet with a black agate gem. This piece features the claws of Anubis and a tiny Esoteric Pyramid symbol on each side; which represents the number 3 and the symbol of manifestation. It measures about 1 ½” long (including bail).  Silver plated Recharging Chain included.  Perfect for a Man or Woman, this Djinn will be a priceless addition to your Life!

Sociable, kind and gracious, he will be most welcomed by All other Spirits or Entities you may already have in your collection. He will never bring harm to you or your loved ones rather, he offers the utmost in loyalty and protection!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including;
A beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
A Spellcast Charging Pouch
A Spellcast Candle
Spellcast Incense

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