Nomadic Desert Djinn Vessel & Universal Protection Amulet



Nomadic Desert Djinn Vessel
& Universal Protection Amulet
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This Exquisite Djinn & Amulet is honorably being presented to you by my associate Maantefin, a Master Sahir Egyptian Conjurer. His family has extensive roots in Conjuring Djinn for centuries, and his lineage extends thousands of years B.C. Spiritual Powers were established during the era of Ancient Egypt and Maantefin’s Djinn are considered much more Advanced than your typical Djinn. Maantefin’s Ancestral family have been providing the Best Djinn to some of the most Noble Citizens in the World; World Leaders, Royalty and Celebrities as well as many who’ve sought his assistance. He holds a true Passion for the Mysteries of the Occult and strives for nothing short of excellence!

This incredible Djinn has been utilized Exclusively within Maantefin’s family for several years. No matter how complicated, his wishes manifested, if not immediately, then within days. He has granted every wish asked of him, even many that weren’t asked. This is a remarkable gift for his new keeper. Once he arrives, he will begin examining your vibrational/Spiritual energy & environment and will take inventory of what you want the most and begin perform Miracles! Like a Great Nomad, he will always be Searching for the Best for you! This is the type of Genie you want for loyal companionship and trusted service. He will assist you with anything you’d like help with~ Divine Magic, Healing, Strength, Wealth, Abundance, Love, Spiritual Understanding, the list is infinite.

He will visit you often through your dreams & visions ~ bringing you healing, advice, encouragement, and warning you of unforeseen dangers. You will also receive great spiritual gifts and knowledge in the form of Visionary Daydreams/Thoughts and Prophetic Visions. He will watch over, protect, guide and support you through all of life's trials and tribulations. He will bring you the Universal Wisdom and Esoteric Knowledge known only to the most profoundly Spiritual humans! He will work directly with the Divine Powers that be to create a peaceful existence for you. This Genie is a powerful force who will come quickly when called. Even if you think his name, you will feel the strength, power and magnitude of his Energy!


This is an incredibly Rare Supreme Djinn & you will not find anything else like him! All is within his power ~ anything you ask for can be yours! He will help you with any difficult or seemingly impossible situation. You will be greeted with profoundly loving experiences and amazing information. He is eager to establish a highly loyal and miraculous friendship with you!

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While taking pictures for this session, 2 of the lit candles sizzled & snapped and one of them extinguished itself. The smoke went directly towards the vessel and created a swirling form that lingered. I definitely felt his strong presence in the room!


Included is an old brass amulet that was imbued with hundreds of Ancient Egyptian Universal Protection Spells; which reverses hexes/curses, stops the evil eye, dissolves competition, brings justice upon your enemies, and protects against harm & evil Spirits. The Nomadic Desert Djinn also co-habits this Amulet for wearing or traveling.

The vessel measures about 4 ½” tall and 3” wide at its base. It is composed of Egyptian clay and crafted in the United States by an Occult craftsman several years ago.

His name and all information will be included in your shipment. No formal ritual required.

Be prepared for any type of Paranormal Activity with this vessel & amulet.

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