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 Starry 1 Night


Germanic Vampire Fairy Imp Hybrid Haunted Amulet

$39.99 $59.99


Vampire Fairy Imp

Hybrid from

Black Forest Germany

Utilizing the Sacred Spell Codes from my Ancestors, I’m honored to offer you this unique Spirit! Germanic legends tell of Imps being the Familiar’s of Witches, similar to the black cat. Imps are cousins to the Fairies and although they bring a lot of entertainment, they can be slightly mischievous. These are not evil or harmful Spirits, but they can lean a little toward the dark side. This is often done to redirect others adverse motives or negative intentions towards you. They help sidetrack other’s malicious or destructive deeds or thoughts about you by giving them something else to focus on. They can also block hexes, curses, the evil eye or black Magick directed at you.

These Vampire Fairy Imps are hybrids; part Vampire, part Fairy, meaning they bring the fun, uplifting & playful energies of the Fairies, and the passionate, darker, romantic energies of the Vampires. They embody strong Psychic and Intuitive Awareness, Mysticism and Sexual/Creative Magick.

Your Vampire Fairy Imp will teach you how to become more conscious of your ability to harness and direct the Spiritual Power with you. They help attract and multiply the resources you need on any level; physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual. They help you fly above the mundane illusions of life and bring clarity to see the simplest of blessings! They help dispel confusion and chaos, and help you navigate through the darkness. They also sooth and clear the energy around any situation or problem so you’re better able to see the right actions to take. This is an excellent Spirit for helping you develop your intuition and for those who feel they have inner blocks that prevent them from hearing their inner guidance clearly. They help you better see and understand signs and synchronicity.

The Vampire Fairy Imp is a Spellbinding little Spirit with huge benefits for you! They inherently attract better people and situations into your life. They also help those who still feel pain from having been bullied in the past (or present); by releasing this old energy and moving forward with confidence. They help you access subconscious and emotional strength and information. They awaken latent abilities and give them life to manifest. They help you connect with others of like mindedness for support and friendship. They bring you deep inner cleansing & healing.

They appear as small Spirits, that range from several inches to a few feet tall, in a variety of appearances; the males are handsome & the females are beautiful. They are shapeshifters and can transform into a variety of insects. They also manifest paranormally as orbs, mists, odd light phenomenon and quickly moving cold spots or drops in temperature.

Your purchase is for 1 Germanic Vampire Fairy Imp housed in this bewitching gothic-style amulet composed of dazzling garnet cz gems and marcasites. This is a very small amulet, measuring just over ½” in total length. *pictures have been enlarged to show detail. A silver plated Recharging chain included.

All information will be included in your shipment.

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