Khepri Scarab Djinn Ancient Egyptian Magick Relic Amulet

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 Khepri Scarab Djinn Amulet
Egyptian Occult Magick from “Book of the Dead”

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This Impressive Ancient Djinn is honorably being presented to you by Sahir Maantefin, Master Djinn Conjurer. Maantefin has Distinction as the Chief Expert in his field and his Ancestry is a Living Legacy, providing the Most Results-producing Djinns to the most Noble & Recognized Citizens in the World.

Found hidden within the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” and “Pyramid Texts” are Occult Magick Codes that formulate the powerful Summoning of the Khepri Scarab Djinn. There is only 1 person in the World that had cracked these codes, and that is my associate Maantefin! The Rare Khepri Scarab Djinn have been enhancing the lives of the underground Elite for Centuries! Now is the time to release them to the public ~ but I must caution you to please respect their Power! These no-nonsense Djinn will see to it that every wish or command you ask of them will be carried out. What you want most out of Life can be yours with the help of this loyal assistant!

Khepri is the Ancient Egyptian Scarab God of the Sun and represented creation and rebirth and he embodied the mystical movement of the sun across the sky. Transfusing the Power of Khepri with these Djinn has been a monumental feat, the likes of which cannot be replicated! Your Khepri Djinn brings you assistance: during Life & Death Transitions (or any Transition), Rebirth, Finding new Careers, Rebuilding your Life, Renewal, Love, Wealth, Healing, Awakening your Inner Gifts, Regeneration, Beauty, Success, Starting a New Path, Spiritual Enlightenment, New/Higher Thought Forms, Psychic Powers, Divination, 3rd Eye Opening, Akashic Information, Universal Wisdom, Past Life work, Astral Travel, OBE’s, Pyrokinesis, Revealing Truths & Deceptions, Weather Magick, Warming of your Extremities and Protection against Evil Spirits & Hexes.

Scarab amulets were placed over the heart of the deceased during the mummification ritual. These "heart scarabs" were meant to be weighed against the feather of Maat during the final judgment. Ancient Egyptians believed the purpose of life was to nourish the seeds of the divine within us all. They thought if a person is successful in this and passes the test of the Weighing of the Heart, the reward is eternal life with the Gods. Your Khepri Scarab Djinn will tip the scales in your favor! He ensures a safe passage to the World of the Gods. He brings good luck and protection both in the present and in the afterlife.

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This is a powerful wish-granting Djinn that can assist you with Anything you desire! He offers you enduring assistance and brings Wisdom, Strength and Guidance.

Your Djinn can manifest in any number of ways; sometimes as a human-looking Egyptian man surrounded by a golden glowing light; as a beetle or a combination of something in-between. He can also manifest as orbs, flashes of light or misty vapors. He will give you any number of unique signs through visions and dreams and you will notice the color yellow or gold a lot more. If you are out in the sun, take some deep breaths and close your eyes: you will feel his warm rays renewing your inner Soul. Just as the Sun brings tranquil, loving energy, your Djinn emits a warm & comforting presence. He radiates feelings of peace and calmness and deep Spiritual connectedness.

Your Khepri Scarab Djinn is housed in this Ancient Relic from Egypt. It is a base metal amulet with a glowing yellow stone. Each amulet is slightly different, so you may receive one that is similar (but not identical to) the one pictured. You do not have to wear the Amulet to bond with your Djinn, you can carry with you or keep in a special place. 

There is no formal ritual required ~ your Djinn is active and ready to work for you! You need no special abilities to welcome him.

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All pertinent information will accompany your Djinn, including:
A beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
A Spellcast Charging Pouch
A Spellcast Candle
Spellcast Incense

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