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 Starry 1 Night


The Hierophant High Priest Prophet Pope Key

$49.99 $79.99

  The Hierophant

High Priest

Prophet Pope

Golden Gatekeeper

Key to Spiritual


& unlocking


The Hierophant (also called The Pope) is the fifth Major Arcana card in the Tarot deck. A Hierophant is an interpreter of Sacred Mysteries and Arcane principles and is a Guide towards knowledge, insight, and wisdom. He opens the doorways to knowledge, those doorways are not hidden, but they are not yet open to our understanding. This Key can unlock those Mysteries. On the tarot card are 2 keys, which is a symbol of the Keys of Solomon, also known as the keys to the upper world. The upper world is where you can create change through Magick and open the road to new possibilities. The key is a symbol of the power to open and close at will, creating liberation of the body & mind.

The Hierophant is an Enlightened leader and teacher with a deep understanding of the workings of the Universe. He is a Spiritual Prophet who communicates with the Divine and shares his insight with those who are seeking answers. He is able to see situations happening on multiple levels (surface, hidden & global), so he can bring you insight & clarity.

This Magick key has been imbued with the essence of the Hierophant, who comes as your personal Spiritual Guide, and he will help you down the path of Enlightenment through the following:

*Helps clear negative karma and past family karmic debts

*Helps you find your path, be it career, love, friendships, Spiritual or just daily life in general; assistance at the Crossroads

*Opening & discovering that which is hidden or secret; truths revealed, stronger intuition

*Helps you be more connected to the Spiritual Realm; communicate & interact with any type of Spirit, psychic enhancement, 3rd eye opening/awakening, Kundalini awakening

*Brings good health & longevity

*Opens the door to love; finding your Soulmate, opens your heart from past relationship traumas so you’re able to move forward

*Brings wealth & financial blessings, success, riches & good fortune

*Unlocks your emotions; allows you to move through childhood or recent traumas, treating yourself with tenderness, so you’re happier and less stressed

*Uncovers secret knowledge, Illuminates hidden Wisdom, Akashic Records & gain entry into fortified areas

*Breaking through barriers for a safe & smooth path in reaching your goals

*Brings protection in all forms


The Key of the Hierophant provides access to much more than just one lock! When one door closes, simply unlock a new one! The results will be much better than the door that closed, because everything happens for a reason ~ to better your Life! This Key opens the gates of your choosing; the Spirit realm, to prosperity, new opportunity, love, talent, luck, healing…it is unlimited in the opportunities and benefits it can bring you! This is the Magick Key you need to Manifest your Desires!

Your purchase is for 1 Hierophant Golden Gatekeeper Magick Key composed of pure Austrian crystal and comes with a silver plated Recharging chain in your choice of size. It measures about 1.25” in total length (including bail). This is a stunning metaphysical piece that may quickly become one of the most cherished in your collection!

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