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 Starry 1 Night


Danu (Dana) Celtic Irish Goddess Bracelet of Prosperity

$39.99 $79.99


Irish Goddess


Bracelet of


Utilizing the secret teachings of my Celtic Druid Ancestors, I have Spellcast this beautiful bracelet with the Spirit of Goddess Danu (also known as “Dana” meaning: "knowledge"). She is a powerful Irish Creator Goddess believed to be the Great Mother aspect of the Divine Creator. She has the most Ancient roots of any Celtic deity, esteemed by the pre-Gaelic alchemists, Tuatha De Dannans. She will make you feel like Royalty as she beings to manifest positive financial changes in your Life. She brings prosperity and abundance and a sense of unlimited resources. If you are an Entrepreneur or Self-employed, she will help drive customers to you as well as help you develop fresh and creative new products. She will also teach you how to accept money without guilt and release negative past life and familial karmic ties to money.

I have additionally added a plethora of Money Spells for All Matters relating to Wealth: Good Luck, Raises, Gifts of Cash, Real Financial Security, Money Windfall, Gambling Luck and Business Success. You can use it for any matters relating to Money. There is no formal ritual you have to perform ~ simply mentally infuse your Wishes & Dreams into the bracelet. Wear, carry with you or place somewhere Special and the Spells will automatically work their Magick!

Your purchase is for 1 Goddess Danu Prosperity Bracelet composed of beautiful Emerald Isle green pearls adjoined with 3 base metal Celtic designs. Set within an elastic band of 7.5”, it will stretch to fit most wrists. This luxurious bracelet is so beautiful & versatile, it will quickly become one of your favorites!

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