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 Starry 1 Night


Cosmic Stargate Djinn of Massive Spiritual Blessings Ring

$109.99 $279.99






The Cosmic Stargate Djinn are a Rare & Unique Class of Djinn eager to assist you on your Spiritual Path. They are exclusive to Maantefin, my associate from Cairo, Egypt, and you will not find this type of Djinn elsewhere. Your Djinn will be an engaging teacher and guide as you move along your Spiritual journey. As you walk the path together, you will reach new Stargates, or levels of consciousness, in which, by stepping through, he will be able to greatly accelerate your manifestation goals. Your 3rd eye will be stronger and opened so you’re better able to connect with Spirits & the Spiritual World. Your own Intuition & Psychic Abilities will be enhanced.

These gateways will come to you during dreams, visions or meditations. Perhaps you’ve been drawn to images of doors or keys, or feeling that they you’ve been seeking a metaphysical marvel that would further your progress and allow you to access different levels of consciousness and a much deeper Spiritual Awareness. Cross through the Cosmic Gateway and reach a much Higher Mystical Level where Positive Energies, Happiness and Abundance Flow freely and all worries melt away! Allow this Djinn to bestow you with the Best Life has to offer! He is a Supreme Being, just under the Realm of Angels and capable of granting any wish asked of him! He takes great pride and happiness in granting your wishes, of course, never expecting anything in return ~ as making you happy is what will make him happy. He humbly offers his loyal assistance, guidance and wisdom for a lifetime and beyond! If you’re ready for a Spiritual Adventure - the Doors are Wide Open!


This is a Unsurpassed Djinn that is able to effectively lead/manage other Djinn, if the need arises. He manifests in a wide variety of ways, including (but not limited to): flashes of light, orbs, smoke rising from the talisman or other manifestations near the ring, the ring feeling very hot or cold to the touch, or in human form as a dark haired man with penetrating violet eyes. Depending on your capabilities, you will be able to see him during meditation & visions and he may also visit you in your dreams.




Your purchase is for 1 Cosmic Stargate Djinn housed in a Mystifying Ring, Size 8. It features 3 amethyst colored gemstones within a crescent moon & cz “star” gem as well as cz gems along the sides; all set within a 18KRGP band. This Ring is nothing short of stunning and filled to the brim with Magickal Energy! A True Treasure to See as well as Behold! Perfect for a Man or Woman, this Djinn will be one you will Cherish!



Sociable, kind and gracious, he will be most welcomed by All other Spirits or Entities you may already have in your collection. He will never bring harm to you or your loved ones rather, he offers the utmost in loyalty and protection!

All pertinent information will accompany this Djinn!





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