Evil Omens of Suffering Hellfire Club Ring

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Hellfire Club

Evil Omens

of Suffering

Black Magick Ring

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This Ring is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. It is a vintage ring that was Spell Cast and used exclusively within the founding members sects of the Black Magick Satan Worshipers of the Hellfire Club. Established in the 18th Century, these high-ranking Illuminati Members formed these Dark Occult Societies throughout Britain and Ireland. Their powerful Spellwork is Centuries old, formed utilizing secret Universal wisdom and unlocking the keys to manifestation.

This Ring ushers in the Darkest of Hellish Omens upon your enemies. It unleashes destruction, chaos and confusion, causing them to suffer greatly. The Omens never let up and continually wreak havoc in all areas of their lives. The Omens can come in many forms, such as weather related disasters; hurricanes, losing power, flooding of their home or business, and natural catastrophic events from which it would take years to recover (and often times, never). Other Omens can include strange birth defects, infertility, problems having sex, such as not being able to have an erection, or pain during intercourse, causing it to stop. They will no longer take pleasure having it and will lose intimacy with whomever they are with, causing the relationship to fail. The Omens can make their pets or those they love act in unexplainable ways, fall ill and distance themselves from you victims. Their business or career will fail and they will lose respect from their boss and coworkers.

These are just a few examples of the hellish nightmares your enemies will be facing. They will be secretly placed on the path to destruction; accidents, fighting and a horrible life. Nothing they can do and no amount of protective Magick can stop these events from occurring. Once their lives are in a downward spiral, they may seek assistance from Occult Practitioners, or even divine resources, but their efforts will amount to nothing. Several Black Magick defenses have been put into place so that these Omens will take maximum effect. Please use with caution!

Black Magick Protective Spells were placed upon this ring so that no harm can ever come to you. This Ring is to be used for your personal advancement, so that you can defeat your enemies and come out on top. With great risks comes great rewards, as well as many other people trying to take you down. It is impossible to achieve greatness in your life when others are creating obstacles for you to get ahead. You might not even know who is doing it, but the energies of this Ring will seek out and destroy anyone inflicting harm upon you or impeding your progress. This Ring is a must-have for anyone who wishes to get ahead and be victorious in their life.

There is no formal ritual required. Once this Ring is in your hands, it will automatically start reading your Aura and know what it is you seek. It creates and seals a permanent pact with you, so if someone were to steal this from you and try to use it, it will nullify the Magick contained within. It does not matter your religious beliefs, this Ring will help anyone.

This antique ring is composed of a black stone set in a band of unknown metal, size 9.5. Wearing is not required, as simply owning this ring will bring you its blessings.

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