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European Wildcat Spirit Cat Familiar Charm Amulet FREEBIE

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European Wildcat


  The European Wildcat is a very rare breed that inhabits the forests of Europe. It is heavier than a typical housecat and its fur is much thicker. They have brilliant green eyes and brown and black fur with a black ringed tail. Typically they are leery of humans, but my associates have discovered an underground Magickal breed of these Cats that have been cheerfully assisting humans for Centuries. They have been summoned according to Ancient Spellwork and my own personal incantations. You will not find this amazing Cat Spirit Familiar anywhere else!

Familiars traditionally serve their owners as domestic servants, messengers, detectives, and companions, and may help bewitch enemies. Your Wildcat Familiar will do your bidding! They will bring you Strong Protection from all evils, reverse hexes, break black Magick spells and destroy malevolent forces. They will bond instantly with any other pets you happen to own. Once you possess your Wildcat, you unlock the door to the Supernatural! They assist you with Animal Magick and increasing your own Psychic Abilities! You’ll have a much stronger 3rd eye, Telepathy, ESP and Spirit communication.

Your Familiar may bring riches, love, and happiness to your doorstep! Hold him or her and the gates to happiness could swing wide open! As your good luck increases, you could be blessed with money & riches! Love and romance could seek you out! Your Life will change for the better as the instincts of the feline protect you!

These are all very friendly kitties seeking companions that are interested in Magick, and/or those who perform their own Rituals or Pathworking. They can also demonstrate mild paranormal phenomenon such as; hearing meowing or purring, feeling a cat brush against your legs or jump on your bed at night, orbs in photos and cold spots. Your Cat Spirit Familiar will be a loyal lifelong companion & Spiritual guide on your path!

  Your purchase is for 1 Wildcat Spirit Familiar housed in a bewitching base metal Cat Amulet, which measures about 1” in length. There are males and females available. You can wear, carry with you or keep in a special place in your home. The more time you spend with your new friend, the stronger your bonds will be.

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