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Fluxus Opum Illuminati Black Magick Occult Wealth Ring


“Fluxus Opum”

Illuminati Black


Ring of Wealth

& Riches

This Ring was cast with extensive Black Magick Wealth Spells during covert Illuminati Rituals. These Spells are directly implemented from an Ancient Illuminati Grimoire, and performed on an auspicious date and planetary alignment. It brings the strong wealth-drawing influences of planet Jupiter. It will triple the power of any other type of wealth-drawing talisman you may own!

The Fluxus Opum Spells bring real resources to its keeper. It attracts massive Wealth, Money and Riches so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed, be it millionaire or billionaire status! Success in relationships and business will be yours. You will rocket to the top of any goal or accomplishment you are seeking. A cloak of protection is upon this ring so that others evil eye/jealousy will not be able to affect you. It will dissolve all other Black Magick (or any type of Magick) others may be doing against you or to impede your progress in any way.  It thwarts your competition and brings dissolution to your enemies. Others will look up to you with admiration and respect. You can lead others and control their thoughts to help them see things your way.

It not only brings an influx in financial resources, but beneficial resources to affect all areas of your life. Your psychic abilities will increase and you will gain a greater clarity and intuition about decisions and choices you need to make. The most blessed path for you to take will be illuminated in visions and dreams, gently downloaded to your subconscious, so you will act on them while awake. It brings motivation, self-confidence, uplifting and fulfilling energies so you can manifest anything you want in your life. Live out your dreams without fear and without obstacles with this ring in your life! Anything you want, can be yours!

There is no formal ritual required. Once this Ring is in your hands, it will automatically start reading your Aura and know what it is you seek. It creates and seals a permanent pact with you, so if someone were to steal this from you and try to use it, it will nullify the Magick contained within. It does not matter your religious beliefs, this Ring will help anyone.

This ring features a mysterious green stone set in a sterling silver band, Size 13.25. The double-headed eagle is an Ancient Masonic symbol of power that commands respect. Wearing is not required, as simply owning this ring will bring you its blessings.

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