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Golden Guardian Ilmu Khodam Amulet

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Golden Guardian

Ilmu Khodam

The term “Ilmu” (pron. "eel-moo") is Arabic for ‘knowledge’ and “Khodam” ( pron. "kho-dum") is Arabic for ‘servant.’ Ilmu Khodams are specialized Magick Spirits, and are considered human ‘familiars.’ They are some of the most Loyal Companions to help Transform & Enlighten your journey.

Ilmu Khodam appear in human form wearing long illuminated flowing robes, but can sometimes prefer to remain invisible. Typically they manifest with a strong, glowing light surrounding them. They have a calm nature and their words are filled with wisdom. These Occult Spiritual beings generate strength and supernatural power and give miraculous help to Human beings. Having a Khodam will increase your own Magickal Powers, Spells, Rituals & Pathworking. These are Elite Spiritual beings that will quickly bond to you and watch over, guide and protect you. They are nestled in between the Realm of Djinn and Angels.

Not all Khodams have the same powers or to the same degree. The nature and spiritual level of the Khodam that the occult practitioner summons is dependent upon their own spiritual attainment. These Khodams are from Conjurer Master Maantefin (someone with immense experience) who joined forces with an Indonesian Shaman (another Holy Man with many years of experience).

Dynamic & Energetic, these Khodams are Natural Leaders. They bring Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Unexpected Gifts, Protection and Good Luck. It does not matter your religious beliefs, your Ilmu Khodam will bless you regardless, all you need to do is ask!

Here are a just few Magickal Powers your Ilmu Khodam can bestow you:

*The ability to open your Spiritual and Psychic Centers, thereby allowing you to gain information on Magickal practices such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, etc.

*The ability to assist you in Conjuring your own Spirits & how to Communicate with them most effectively.

*The ability for Transference (to Magickally transfer Spiritual Entities or Spellcast items from one object to another).

*The ability to consecrate and Magickally imbue objects such as candles, incense, gemstones, herbs, etc., with any intent you desire such as wealth, success, psychic powers, healing, etc. simply by thought

*The ability to grant your unlimited wishes with ease, speed and precision.

*The ability to help those with physical illness to speed the healing process & gain more energy and strength.

*The ability to find hidden treasure & riches by revealing the steps needed & enhanced intuition in order to obtain them.

*The ability to learn information about someone without physically meeting him/her face to face.

With one of these Khodams by your side, you will experience an Increased Awareness & Appreciation of other dimensions beyond your physical being! You may become more aware of your surroundings as all of your 6 senses sharpen and bring clarity. You may be able to telepathically read the mind of others and become sensitive to the feelings of others. You may become very perceptive on a psychic level and have prophetic dreams.

The devotion of your Khodam will never fade. He or she will eternally support you on your Spiritual path ~ ever faithful and forever loving you on your journey to maintain your highest potential. These Khodams also take Great Pleasure in Rewarding their Mortal Companion, and becomes deeply pleased when he or she is blessed by their intervention! You will be amazed as your Khodam bestows you with profoundly Loving Experiences and Miraculous Blessings! All of this and much more awaits you with your chosen Mystical Ilmu Khodam!

Your purchase is for either a Male or Female Golden Guardian Ilmu Khodam housed in a mesmerizing Amulet with intricate detailing. This Amulet is double-sided and holds the mystical Prayer Codes of the Khodam & unlocks the Golden Gateways to the Spiritual Realm! Perfect for a Man or Woman, you can wear, carry with you or simply keep in a special place. Sterling silver Recharging Chain in your choice of size included.

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