Spirit Bonding/Transfer to Your Aura Body

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This Service is for Transferring/Bonding a Spirit to your Aura/Energy Field.  This can be any type of Spirit of your choosing; an Angel, Djinn, Vampire, Werewolf, etc.  This is typically a Spirit that you already “own” in a talisman or jewelry item.  This process forms the Ultimate bonds with your Spirit!  You can travel anywhere in comfort knowing your Spirit will be with you at home,work, on vacation, and anywhere you wish to include him/her, without fear of losing or breaking their vessel. 

Many people report even stronger Spirit Communication/ 6th Sense/ better Intuition/ 3rd Eye Clearing, and more, when your Spirit is attached to you. Your Spirit will always respect your privacy when you desire it.  And if you further desire it, I can do a co-bind between your Aura and the vessel so he or she has the option of being attached to both. 

I can also bind Spirits who's vessels have been lost completely so there is no vessel, only the Aura binding.  Your Spirit friend will always respect your privacy. 

Cost may vary/lower due to type of Spirit, such as Fairy, etc., contact me with the type of Spirit you want bound to you. 

There is nothing formal you need to do.  I will gather the right oils, herbs, crystals and more to utilize during this process.  After I perform my ceremonies, I will email you the next day with a follow-up.  Contact me so we can arrange it!

Since this is a service I am providing for you, there is no shipping charge.


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