Dryad Tree Nymph Wooden Moon Amulet


Utlizing the Ancient Spells of my Ancestors, I'm honored to offer you this beautiful Dryad.  Dryads are tree nymphs that are very affectionate, kind & helpful.  They especially enjoy helping with creative talents, increasing your motivation, assisting writers, drawers, dancers, actors, anything that requires you to use your creativity! 

These are also very sexual beings, and can assist you with increasing your sex drive, creativity in the bedroom, and even feeling sexier than ever!

This is a lovely wooden piece intended for either a man or woman - you don't have to wear the Amulet, you can simply keep in a special place!  Free silver plated Recharging Chain included.

Your purchase is for 1 female Dryad housed in this captivating wooden moon cham, with a woman's face and stars.  I chose this gorgeous pure birch wood talisman due to the Dryads connection to trees.  You may certainly paint or add your own unique touches to this beautiful piece! Birch carries its own natural Magick properties to enhance your Life! It is a wood of: rebirth, patience, organization, leadership skills, diligence, loyalty, the calming of emotions. As a very fire-oriented wood, its energy is very cleansing and purifying, burning away that which is not desired. It allows one to create, to exert their willpower and achieve positive results. For this reason, it is an excellent tool for magic involving wealth, luck, and goals. It can help others release their baggage, be more decisive, and see beyond that which is right in front of them.


Welcome a Dryad to add some sparks to your life & spice up your Collection!!




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