Spirits of Samhain Halloween Autumn Perfume Potion Oil



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I triple-spellcast this Spellbinding Magick Ritual Oil for Endless Uses All Year Long! It has the delicious scents of cinnamon, pumpkin, allspice & more!

This Oil also makes a unique Essence Offering for any Spirits you have; especially, Vampires, Werewolves, Baba Yagas, Autumn Spirits, Celtic Spirits, and Darker Spirits. Simply dab a little on a cotton ball and leave on your Altar or near the Talisman; your Spirit will be attracted to its scent & become more active as they are filled the contentment & joy!

Dab on your Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Crystal Balls or any other Divination Tool for added protection & more effective Spiritual Connections. Dab around the doorframes of your home for banishment & protection from all Evil Spirits, Hexes or Malevolent forces!

On Samhain/Halloween, the veil between the living & deceased is the thinnest. The Magick of Samhain/Halloween Night is encapsulated within this Oil!

Use it to honor or connect with your Ancestors, Dark pathworking, New/Dark Moon Rituals, during Meditation or simply enjoy its decadent Magickal Fall Scent! Additionally charged with an orange goldstone gemstone to bring energy, renewal and alchemical blessings to your life.

Your purchase is for one 10 mL glass bottle, with a convenient roll-on applicator. Limited availability at any given time ~ made in small batches for freshness.




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