Dragon Organic Herbal Treat Food Offering


I am proud to be able to offer this unique all-natural herbal blend, which I've chosen specifically for its receptivity to Dragons!

This is a Sacred blend of Organic Woodland Herbs that drives Dragons wild! It's like Catnip for Dragons! Consuming its Essence makes them Incredibly Happy! This blend will also increase their openness & receptivity to you~ this mix could be used as a welcoming, daily offering or occasional special treat!   Simply place desired amount in offering dish and leave overnight!  It won't be physically gone in the morning - these are Spiritual beings and they consume Spiritual Essences.   

Each purchase is for 1/2 cup of my Spellcast Blend of my Dragon Herbal Offering Treat Food.   Carefully chosen after years of research, this is the highest quality all Natural and Organic offering available.


Your herbal blend will arrive in a small sealed bag to keep it fresh. 

Herbal blend NOT for human consumption!

***Some Countries, such as Australia, refuse to allow the shipment of herbs into the Country, so please check your Country's policies before purchasing.I am not responsible for packages seized by Customs.


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