Royal King Djinn of Karmic Transformation Ring

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Royal King Djinn

of Karmic


This Exquisite Djinn is honorably being presented to you today through my associate, Maantefin, a Master Sahir Djinn Conjurer. His family has extensive roots in summoning Djinn for centuries, and his legacy extends thousands of years B.C. Egyptian Magick is the cornerstone of all modern religion, occultism and Magick. Maantefin is respected and acknowledged as Chief Expert in his field and he provides only the most results-producing, Top Level Djinn to the World’s Elites, Secret Brotherhoods, Royalty and Celebrities. Consider yourself blessed to welcome one of his amazing Djinn!

This is a Royal Egyptian King Djinn of Absolute & Raw Power! He effectively taps into the Universal Energy Sources and draws forth incredible feats of Manifestation! He can bring you riches, love, success, fame and popularity. He obliterates all obstacles so nothing can stand in the way to your true happiness. He will dismantle all negative karmic baggage from past lives and present hereditary influences, lifting all Spiritual burdens you may or may not have been aware you were carrying (things such as bad luck, poor finances, unrequited love, broken relationships, etc.). He takes this a step further and paves your future karmic path with love and light, making sure all of your future choices (no matter what they may be) have no negative karmic consequences for you or lineage.

He is incredibly generous and loyal and will grant you much Light, Love and Healing; not only into your own life but the lives of those you connect with on any level. He multiplies this Positive Energy in greater abundance than you could have ever dreamed was possible! You will feel more confidence and more Light filled ~ you will feel Inspired and Uplifted!

He integrates more fully the Extended Light Body with the Physical Form to allow for a greater expansion of Spiritual Energy to flow throughout on all levels, the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. He helps to stabilize all of your Energy Systems with the continuing influx of positive Energies. This increases your innate psychic abilities so you are better able to communicate and connect with Spirits. He offers the Ultimate in Protection, Prosperity and Good fortune! You can ask any and as many wishes as you desire from this incredible Djinn! There is nothing beyond his capabilities! He is eager to help move your life forward in the right direction and make all of your dreams come true!

Paranormal activity might be noticed as: orbs, mists, twinkling lights, hearing unexplainable knocks, or strongly feeling his presence with you. He appears as a handsome muscular man with dark-brown hair that falls in soft layers around his ears and light brown eyes. His personality is very warm & welcoming.

He’s chosen as his vessel this gorgeous Ring featuring 3 peridot gems, representing your past, present and future), several amethyst gems and white topaz gems, set in sterling silver, Size 7.75. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed this Djinn’s blessings.

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