Haunted Mystery Treasure Box + 1 $1,500.00 item of your choosing!!

$2,999.99 $50,000.00

Haunted Mystery

Treasure Box

+ One $1500 Item

of your Choosing!

This listing is for 1 Haunted Mystery Treasure Box. It is extremely old and from my associate, Lord Sinclair. It is a Recharging and Wish Box. Inside the Box will be 5 top-level talismans, all of which hold profound Magickal powers, that will bring you tremendous blessings in all areas! Their remarkable abilities will be revealed only the recipient of this Box!

This box, complete with talismans, holds a value of over $50,000.00!!

Not only do you get this incredible Haunted Box + 5 Magickals, but you also get to choose 1 item from my store that is $1,500.00 or less in price!

Don’t miss out on this special offering! If you are meant to welcome it, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it!

This is an awe-inspiring Treasure Chest Box with a red velour and bi-level interior. It measures about 7.25” long x 5” wide by 4” high (at its tallest point). 

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