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Money Merchant

Devata of

Riches & Fortunes

Devatas are Stunning Mystical Female Hindu Deities of Purity and Peace known as “The Divine Ones." They are Beautiful Guardians that bring the Ultimate in Protection from all malevolent forces, equivalent to the Christian concept of a “Guardian Angel.” In the Art of Ancient Cambodia, they were carved into stone on either side of the entrances to the Ancient Temples to keep Evil Spirits away.

According to the Vedas, Magick was given to mortals by the Hindu Gods for the sake of doing good as well as self-defense. The Money Merchant Devatas were summoned by an Elder Yogi, who incorporates a special arrangement of Magickal Verses from Ancient Hindu Religious Scripture. His ceremonies include the purifying energies of Shatkarma as well as the powers of Mantra and Tantra, calling upon the Powers of Hindu obstacle-destroyer God Ganesh & abundance Goddess Lakshmi. These Devatas are anything but typical and they are very difficult to summon. Which can only be done utilizing select sacred oils, rare temple incense and hard to find herbs. He chants, prays and fasts for over a month to summon these beautiful beings and the end result is an astoundingly powerful talisman!

The Money Merchant Devata can help you in many different areas, but her primary purpose is to help you gain massive wealth & riches. They help speed things up ~ manifesting your dreams easily and gracefully. They help you reach your goals with greater ease and joy, which also allows you to be better able to tune into your own intuition and inner knowing.

She will help you live a life of luxury, within your true soul’s purpose, so that you can become one with the Flow of the Universal prosperity. She embodies Angelic energies, which will draw positive people, situations and new opportunities directly to you.

She is an excellent Manifestor of wealth and abundance, as well as, creativity, enhancing your natural talents, bringing motivation and inspiration, boosting your psychic abilities, deep healing, clarity, feeling good about yourself and who you are as an individual and as part of the Universe. This allows you more time and space for spiritual pursuits and a deeper connection to your Expanded Self. She will make your World more Balanced and Harmonious!

Devatas will enhance your belief in Miracles, Magick and Mystery~ allow her Energies to bring a greater element of Enchantment to your daily life! This kindhearted Spirit will assist you on all levels, emotional, spiritual, mental, opening doorways to other dimensions. She brings intense healing and a brighter future for you!

She can manifest in spectral form as a gorgeous woman with long black hair and soft brown eyes. She can also manifest through seeing orbs, mists, twinkling lights or strongly feeling her presence with you. Her personality is loving, generous, attentive, understanding, compassionate and friendly.

Your purchase is for 1 gorgeous Money Merchant Devata housed in this exquisite Amulet featuring a Ganesh elephant and green onyx gemstone set in sterling silver. Free sterling silver Recharging chain included. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed her incredible blessings. Green Onyx naturally assists in Spiritual Development and is a Wealth Drawing Gemstone. It has the ability to soothe fears and worries and to control to overwhelming emotions. It can help a person maintain a positive outlook while diminishing guilt & anxiety. It improves concentration and devotion, calms sexual tension and makes marriages stronger.

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