Pari Fire Fairy of the Sacred Flame Supernatural Beauty Passion & Love Ring



Pari Persian Fire Fairy

of the Sacred Flame

Supernatural Beauty

of Sex, Passion & Love

This gorgeous entity was summoned utilizing Ancient Persian Magick during a Dark Moon Ritual. This intense Sacred Flame ceremony utilizes sacred herbs, oils and secret invocations. She is a powerful Spirit and excitedly came forward to bless the life of her mortal human companion.

Persian Peri (Peris/Pari) are benevolent, beautiful, exquisite winged Fairies similar to Angels. She is a Fire Spirit and will bring you intense sex, passion, lust and love in all of its forms. She is extremely sexual and eager to fulfill any of your most erotic sexual desires. She is a seductress that wants to please you on all levels and partake in your wildest fantasies! Think of her as you would a wild & carefree lover, with nothing to fear or holding you back ~ she is completely and totally yours! She is never jealous or possessive and understands you benefit from all the relationships in your life.

She will envelop your Aura with a dazzling red glow, which will magnetically attract others to you. Women will want to make eye contact, smile & flirt with you, talk to you and even touch you. They will see you as extremely handsome, strong, successful and confident and want nothing more than to be with you. They will be “under your Spell!”

She is also a wish-granting Spirit and will take great care in manifesting your deepest wishes and desires. She will assist you in all matters of love, including helping you find your soul-mate or enhancing the passion in your current relationship. She can help bring healing to relationships and form stronger bonds between you. This also includes business relationships, families and friendships. She has the power to perform Darker Magick, which includes breaking-up relationships between others, having your ex think obsessively about you, and returning a lover, but these should be used cautiously.

She is an ultimate good-luck charm and will ignite the flow of wealth & riches into your life!

She manifests as a beautiful woman with long dark brown hair and light-grey eyes, as the photo shows. She is perfectly proportioned and ultra-Goddess-feminine. She loves to make her presence known paranormally through making shapes in incense smoke and making a candle flame dance. You will strongly feel her presence with you and may notice an electrical/static-type sensation when working with her. Her personality is: outgoing, playful, flirty, adventurous, kind, dedicated & generous.

She has already visited you and brought you to this listing so you can welcome her! Do not hesitate if you feel called!

Her vessel is this beautiful garnet ring set in sterling silver, Size 10.5. She displayed several paranormal manifestations in her photos: the first shows facial manifestations, the second shows orbs and the third shows a small purple heart/orb, which I’ve never seen manifest before! Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed her blessings. You will cherish having her in your life!

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