Tribe of the Golden Moon Celtic Werewolf Pack and Female Werewolf Amulet

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Tribe of the Golden Moon Celtic Werewolf Pack
 with Female Werewolf

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I created this enchanting piece utilizing the Ancient teachings from my Celtic Ancestors. This amulet houses a female Celtic Werewolf and her Tribe of the Golden Moon Werewolf Pack. These Werewolves are from deep within the heart of Scotland and will bring profound Magickal blessings into your life!

The female Werewolf is a powerful yet warm and friendly Entity. She brings you blessings of good luck, riches, success, abundance, healing, love, self-confidence, clarity & insight, reveals your true Soul’s purpose, Akashic wisdom, and Spiritual enlightenment. She opens the doors for you for telepathic communication, not only with others (in knowing what they are thinking), but also with animals, especially dogs and cats. She has a keen and highly developed 6th sense, which she uses to efficiently protect you and all within your home. She is also a powerful wish-granter and can manifest your deepest desires. Her personality is caring, generous, warm, creative, fun-loving and optimistic. She is very wise and knowing, does not act rashly, and is in harmony with the rhythm of time and Nature. She also brings a passion for fun and play and will enjoy spending time with you. She has a strong sexual nature and if you so choose, can be her intimate lover. If not, that you can still form strong bonds with her. Her Aura radiates positive energy, and you’ll feel uplifted simply being in her presence!

She controls when, where and how she shapeshifts, so it will not be only during the full moon. She can shapeshift any time she deems necessary, such as in order to protect you. She can transform into a full wolf, full human, or somewhere in between. In human form, she has long blonde and sky blue eyes as in the image above. In Wolf form, her fur is a combination of gold, brown, white & black. She will bestow you with gifts of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairscentience, ESP, OBE’s, Past Life Work, Animal Communication, Telepathy, 3rd Eye Clarity, Psychometry, and Afterlife Communication.

Spells of invisibility were placed upon the Portal so nothing Evil will ever come through. Any Werewolves you currently have in your keep will instantly be drawn to its receptive energies and have a friendly, social place to mingle with other Werewolves. This will make them incredibly happy! Thousands of benevolent Werewolves belonging to the Celtic Tribe of the Golden Moon Pack will automatically come through the Portal to bless your life! You do not need to bond with them as they will automatically take ‘inventory’ of your life & heart’s desires and bring you exactly what you need, without even asking. They are nocturnal Spirits, being most active at dusk and night.

Paranormal activity can occur with this piece, such as: seeing orbs, mists, odd light formations, cold dips in temperature, spectral manifestations, hearing paw steps or a distant wolf (or wolves) howling.

This bewitching vessel features a wolf howling at the full moon, hand carved of ox bone. Free sterling silver Recharging chain included. It measures about 2.75” long (including bail). Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thanks so much for your consideration! Blessed be! ~xo

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