Jewels of the Red Sea King Djinn Ring

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Jewels of the

Red Sea

King Djinn Ring

This Exquisite Royal Djinn was conjured by Maantefin, Master Egyptian Conjurer. His family has extensive roots in Conjuring Djinn for centuries, and his legacy extends thousands of years B.C. Egyptian Magick is the cornerstone of all modern religion, occultism and Magick! Maantefin is respected and acknowledged as Chief Expert in his field and his Ancestors provided Top Level Djinn to Nobles & Celebrities throughout the World. He holds a True Passion for all things mysterious and miraculous, and strives for nothing short of Excellence!

This powerful Djinn was summoned utilizing Ancient Occult Invocations of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. He is able to tap into the infinite Universal spiritual supply and bring all of your wishes into fruition! He can bring you your Soul Mate and enhance love in all areas of your life. He clears away all lower spirits and energies from within and around you, and infuses you with his Divine Healing light. He opens your psychic centers so you’re able to connect and communicate with all types of spiritual entities. Astral travel with him to past lives and you’ll learn so much more about who you are and your mission in this lifetime! He brings powerful protection and will repel Demons, Evil Spirits, Black Magick and all enemies trying to thwart your efforts. Obstacles will be obliterated, so you can move more quickly towards your goals. He evokes the parting tides of the Red Sea and places treasures and jewels at your feet! He brings blessings of wealth, riches and opulence, due to his powerful money attracting nature. This is a very enthusiastic Genie with limitless optimism. He has a positive outlook and when you call upon him, you will feel uplifted too! He is a constant and steady companion and guide. All of this and so much more await you with this Djinn!

He is housed in this bewitching vintage ring with a dinosaur bone stone, set in .925 sterling silver, Size 7. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed his blessings.

Maantefin’s Genie’s have the Friendliest Disposition and will get along wonderfully with any Magickals you may already own (Genie’s, Faeries, Angels, etc.) They are Ideal to bring into a family Environment and will Never do harm to you, your loved ones or pets, but rather Protect all within your home! They will be as much of an influence in your life as you want them to be and they won’t interrupt your life in any way~ only transform it for the better!

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