Sanctified Ring of the Order of The Knights of Malta Haunted



Sanctified Ring of the Order of The Knights of Malta
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The Order of the Knights of Malta, also known as the Knights Hospitaller, Knights of Saint John and Order of Saint John, were among the most famous of the chivalrous and noble Christian Military orders during the Middle Ages. They utilize sacred Ancient Spell Codes & Incantations hidden within sacred writings to invoke the Blessed Virgin Mary as their Patroness and Spiritual Intercessor. This Sanctified Ring has been at the center of countless Ceremonies honoring God, Jesus, Mary and all of the Saints. It holds Divine & Heavenly Powers & Secret Universal Occult Spells to enrich your life. It brings profound Godly blessings in all areas; love, wealth, healing, protection, Spiritual enrichment and much more. It can help you connect with your Spirit Guides, increase your Intuition and Open Doors that you never dreamed possible. It has the Alchemical powers to transform all negatives to positive and lead to gold in your life. This Ring has been in the hands of many Underground Occult Leaders, Illuminati Members, and Nobles. Its powers are limitless ~ there is nothing this Ring cannot do for you, so please use with great care.

This Ring was found buried several Centuries ago in a crypt of a Monk and still holds some of the dried dirt and clay on the inside of the band. It is composed of a lightweight metal and bares Alchemical symbols relating to the Cross and the Elements. This Ancient Relic is a size 10 ½, but daily wearing is not recommended. When holding, it sends shivers up your arm and tingles throughout your fingers. The Raw power it exudes may take a little getting used to if you’re not familiar with this type of powerful Relic. Since the few days I have had this Ring, I have been visited by a man in a brown cloak, the Monk who previously owned it. He has very peaceful, loving & supportive energy and tells me he is eagerly awaiting his mission as Teacher & Guide to the next true keeper to this amazing Ring.


This Ring is from a Private Collection from my friend, Scottish Mage & High Master of Templar Magick, Lord Sinclair! Will you be called to be the Next Keeper to this Amazing Relic? If so, you will feel a strong magnetism towards this Ring and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it ~ perhaps you will even dream about it! Take heed and don’t miss your chance at treating yourself to this One-of-a-Kind Relic!

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All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including;
A beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
A Spellcast Candle
Spellcast Incense

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