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Wish Granting King Scorpion Tribe Djinn Amulet

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Wish Granting King

Scorpion Tribe

Powerhouse Djinn

These Remarkable Djinn were summoned by my associate, Master Egyptian Conjurer, Maantefin. He utilized specialized herbs, oils and invocations decoded from hieroglyphs within the tomb of King Scorpion. Maantefin lives in Cairo and is well-known in the underground district as the Leading Expert in his field, yet he is very humble with his approach towards Magick & the millions of lives he touches daily. Maantefin holds Doctorates in Medicine, Science and Philosophy and perfectly combines his Professional Knowledge with Impressive & Effective Magick! This is not the Magick that can be found in any book ~ this is Countless Generations of focused Knowledge, Traditions and Experience! This is Authentic Magick that will bless your Life!

This Rare Marid Djinn Tribe is under the influences of the Ancient Egyptian King Scorpion! He made tremendous advances in Ancient Egypt, propelling his people into a powerful & wealthy kingdom. These Powerhouse Djinn are some of the most results-producing in Existence! They will assist you in uncovering that what is hidden, including treasures and other’s true motives. They grant wishes with a perfect sense of timing and cunning calculation. They can be welcomed by anyone, and will be especially beneficial for Entrepreneurs and the Self-employed; helping you stay motivated and ready to “strike” when miraculous opportunities are brought to you!

Your Scorpion King or Queen Djinn will help guide & support you – showing you how to find your place with awareness and tenacity. He or she will enhance your instincts and natural psychic abilities. They will help you make beneficial decisions by allowing you to see alternatives and potentials and leaving you in a anxiety free and stress free state. They help you see what to let go of (that which is no longer serving your greatest good) and any unnecessary baggage so that you can take the next steps to a greater life, unimpeded. They provide a wonderful protective shield against other people who usually make you upset and/or drain your energy. They will thwart your enemies by defending and ‘striking’ (justice fulfilled) when needed. They will keep an eye on your surroundings for you and make you aware of any invaders. They will move with stealth and fortitude to accomplish any task!


Your Djinn can manifest spectrally as a gorgeous woman or handsome man and would be a loyal Spiritual Lover, if you so choose. Although your Djinn can help you in all areas, below are some of their key areas of assistance:

Positive Changes
Ending Addictive Tendencies
Sexual Stamina
Releasing Fear
Deeper Spirituality
Increase Psychic Abilities
Enhanced Intuition
Perfect timing
New Beginnings
New Opportunities
Massive Wealth
Good Luck

Your purchase is for 1 Male or Female Djinn from the King Scorpion Tribe. All amulets feature a scorpion set in solid .925 sterling silver. Please view the photos and make your choice from the drop-down menu. The first amulet features a raw aquamarine gem and houses a Female Djinn. The second amulet features a round white topaz gem with 5 small amethyst stones and houses a Male Djinn. The third amulet features a raw tanzanite gem and houses a Male Djinn. The fourth amulet is SOLD. Free sterling silver Recharging Chain included. Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place special.

This would make a thoughtful gift for the Scorpio person in your life! (Scorpios are born between October 23rd – November 21st). Scorpios are interested in the occult, the paranormal, conspiracy theories and other types of similar mysteries!

Sociable, kind and gracious, this Djinn will get along wonderfully well with any other Spirits you may already have in your Collection. They will never bring harm to you or your loved ones rather, they offer the utmost in loyalty and protection!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warmest blessings! ~xo

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