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Meet my beautiful friend, Mailia!

I believe there are no coincidences. People come into your life for a reason; season and/or lifetime. Unseen forces lead you to people for many different reasons. You have been guided here today to help this courageous young lady!


The Diagnosis – Eisenmenger’s Syndrome


(written by Mailia's mother, Andrea):


"To make a very long story short, we learned that Mailia suffered from Eisenmenger’s Syndrome – a secondary pulmonary hypertension due to an uncorrected (VSD or ASD) heart defect.


She had a procedure called a heart catheterization (cath) after it was discovered that she had a large gaping hole between the left and right ventricle in her lower heart chamber. We assumed this could be fixed but to our dismay, the heart cath procedure confirmed that it was beyond repair. The high pressures in the lungs had already done so much damage that a procedure to close the hole could be fatal. Short of a double lung and heart transplant, there was nothing that could be done.


We don't know what the future holds for our daughter, but Mailia continues to cope with her condition and we continue to search for a healing miracle. I am just a parent who wants to be able to give my daughter a chance at life. I am no different than any other parent; I just have a bigger battle to fight.


This life experience has taught us patience and to enjoy what time we have together. All the clichés we have all heard before: "Life is short.” “Don’t give up hope.” “God only gives us what we can handle” etc. have new meaning. We have learned to appreciate the blessings we have – the greatest being Mailia. She is truly “a miracle” to us.


I would be remiss without thanking the many who have aided in Mailia’s care and shared in her life up to this point. We are in a  

constant state of gratitude for each one of you and your gracious acts of altruism!


Please consider becoming a benefactor for Mailia’s Miracle and please consider inviting others to help. With many generous donations we were able to raise the needed funds to get Mailia's initial stem cell procedure in June of 2010 AND her second adult stem cell procedure last fall Nov. 2011 for which we are truly grateful! Now Mailia needs another stem cell transplant, one we hope will bring her that much closer to becoming stable enough for corrective heart surgery.

There are different ways to make a donation depending on which is most convenient for you!


  • A check or money order can be sent to us personally.

  • Donations can be made by going into any HAPO Community Credit Union and making a donation to Mailia’s Miracle fund routing number 325181264 for account number 1775590-0

  • Direct donation to Mailia's current fundraiser with


If you are unable to help monetarily, please don’t think we can’t use you. We are in need of people who could donate some time to help us fund-raise (including letter-writing and event-planning), blog or manage our Facebook page, gain further exposure for Mailia’s Miracle via print, radio and television … the list goes on. If you’d like to help in any capacity, please let us know.


We also appreciate your willingness to forward this web site directly to others in your list or in your community who would like to learn about Mailia’s Miracle.


Thank you!"

Be part of the Miracle to  cure & help Mailia raise funds for her Adult Stem Cell Transplant & Heart Surgery!


Click on the link to donate, any amount helps!:


Get Fundraising Ideas from GiveForward

You can also visit her personal website here:

  If you are unable to donate, please send Mailia your healing energy and prayers of love & support!  

S​tarry 1 Night

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