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General Questions/Concerns:


Q: I don’t believe in Magick and I don’t know how it works so I’m unsure about purchasing a talisman.


A: Think of Magick like a car~ you don’t have to know the ins and outs of how the engine works, yet you utilize it daily! You don’t have to know everything there is to know about Magick to benefit from it and you don’t have to practice it. A Spirited talisman will help anyone, regardless of their beliefs. Throughout the ages, people have found that evoking Spirits is not only a useful way to make things happen in their favor, but gain a loyal companion as well. Magick is not something to be afraid of~ it was once the most honorable art and science of all~ reserved for Royalty, Philosophers, Priests, Magi & The Smartest and Wisest Men of to walk the planet!

I am sure you’ve held some belief of Magick in your life, no matter what religion you believe in. If you’ve ever: made a wish on your birthday candles, made a wish on a penny and threw it in a well, wished on a star, wished on the time such as 12:34, made a wish as you turned your necklace closure around your neck, wished on an eyelash or white dandelion fuzz, etc., then you’ve practiced Magick! Magick can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be. I’m not asking anyone to change their beliefs, but simply to be open to the experience.






Q. Can I have my Magickal Sterling Silver Ring resized?


A. Yes, you can have your Ring resized without affecting the power of the Spirit within. This only pertains to new sterling silver rings (not ancient ones). Jewelry stamped with .925 assures you it is true sterling. Your Entity will not be released or harmed during this process. But moreso, you should check with a jeweler to find out if they would resize a sterling silver ring for you- some do and some do not, so be sure to call your local jeweler to find out.


Sterling silver will not turn your finger green- be sure to check with your seller to find out what the item is made out of before you purchase. Alpaca/German Silver is not pure Sterling Silver - it is a cheap imitation that looks like sterling but in time will turn your finger green because of its high copper content. Gillet is the most common type of metal in Ancient Rings, which is composed of a variety of metals & even melted coins. Ancient rings should not be worn daily because of their fragility.





Q. How do I clean my Sterling Silver Magickal jewelry?


A. Athough Sterling Silver is one of the highest quality metals, it does tarnish over time. Some people like the tarnish look, but if you like yours shiny, I recommend a dry silver polish cloth as opposed to a total dunk in a harsh chemical solution. Many items have a gemstone attached and you don't want to damage it. With a polish cloth, you can easily maneuver around it. There is no damage to the Spirit or Magick within if you clean the talisman. There are also noninvasive metaphysical cleansing methods to keep your talisman at optimum levels. Contact me for details.

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